21 Mildly Infuriating Things That Ruffled Our Feathers This Week

Another week, another list of really stupidly annoying things we’ve found. These aren’t world-ending or anything worth calling the cops over, but they sure are frustrating. From nightmare neighbors to price hikes. There are some real doozies in this one.

1. “This restaurant covered up the ‘No Tip’ option with a sticker to force tipping”

A close-up of a Verifone card payment terminal with a lit screen displaying a total amount of $20.95. The terminal includes tip options and a "THANK YOU" label. Below the screen, there is a numeric keypad, and a hand is holding a card inserted at the bottom.

2. “Hired a guy to haul away excess soil from my pool install. Hits pool with his excavator no more than 5 min into job.”

Water is spraying out from a hole in the side of an above-ground swimming pool, splashing onto the dirt and ground below. The pool exterior has a wicker-like design and is supported by metal poles.

3. “The way my local UPS simply refuses to knock on a door. I was home.”

Two notes taped to a door. The left shows a handwritten message reading, "I am home! Please knock. Thank you." The right shows a UPS missed delivery notice with instructions for rescheduling delivery.

4. “We booked this Airbnb a month ago”

Screenshot of an Airbnb booking change request. The listing is for a "Cozy Apartment - Minutes to Downtown" with 3 beds and 1 bath. Revised dates: May 24-26, for 5 guests. Price change from $354.14 to $671.65, with a difference of $317.51. Decline and Accept buttons shown.

5. “The way my mango lassi was delivered from the local Indian restaurant.”

Two images side by side show a container of yellow sauce or spread on a wooden table. The left image features the container lid with a blue handwritten label. The right image displays the open container with a spoon inserted, and more table settings in the background.

6. “My senior yearbook has an awful AI-generated cover”

A split image shows a cowboy holding a staff next to a large bull. The left side highlights the bull's head and the cowboy, with a large embroidered purple "T" overlaid. The right side shows a close-up of the cowboy in a brown hat and coat holding the staff.

7. “Neighbors use the washing machine next to my room 24/7; take out our stuff when we use it”

A handwritten note on a pink sticky note is placed on top of a white washing machine. The note reads, "Sorry to have removed your stuff, I needed to start this washing cycle :)". In the corner, a green and white bag and clothes can be seen.

8. “Count your Cascade. Advertised 52, but there were only 43”

A plastic container of Cascade Platinum Plus dishwasher pods is open on a kitchen counter. Beside it, there are 47 individual dishwasher pods arranged neatly in rows. The container is labeled to contain 52 pods.

9. “Neighbor not happy that we mowed one row into his lawn, so he decided to spray grass killer to make a point”

A grassy backyard with two residential houses on either side. A narrow, brown dirt trail runs through the middle of the green lawn. Bushes and other plants line the sides of the yard near the houses.

10. “This lady, who insisted on being the only person standing at the concert”

A dimly lit theater with ornate decorations and a large stage illuminated by blue lights. An audience is seated and watching the performance. A person in silhouette stands in the foreground, partly obscuring the view of the stage.

11. “The price increase of Disney+ over the past 4 years”

A screenshot of a billing history for Disney+ Premium (Annual) showing transactions on 01/17/2024, 01/17/2023, 01/17/2022, and 01/16/2021. The amounts billed are $149.79, $116.59, $84.79, and $74.19 respectively.

12. “My sister saying ‘who cares? Can you still drive the truck!?’ after scratching up my glove box”

Close-up of a black car's glove compartment with the word "TACOMA" embossed on it. The area around the gloves compartment shows some scratches. Below, a black rubber floor mat with a hexagonal pattern is visible.

13. “We had 6 sliders left over from dinner last night, and this is how my fiance stored the leftovers”

Two plastic containers on a granite countertop, each holding three sizable slider sandwiches made with dinner rolls. The sliders contain visible layers of meat, cheese, and other toppings. One container is open, while the other has its lid placed beside it.

14. “Am I crazy?”

A multiple-choice test paper with questions and answers marked. Question 1's answer is circled 'D. careless.' Question 2's answer is circled 'C. perfect'. Question 3's answer is circled 'B. get rid of it.' and Question 4 is unanswered. Blue pen markings are visible.

15. “Never letting my bf stock the toilet paper again”

A black metal holder is stacked with seven rolls of toilet paper. It stands on a white tiled floor in a corner against gray walls. The bottom roll appears to be slightly unrolled, and a red container is partially visible to the left.

16. “This was the ‘sink’ in a restaurant.”

A bathroom sink with a granite countertop is shown. The sink has some soap residue and is surrounded by a soap dispenser, a small bottle, and a potted plant. Cleaning supplies, including a yellow mop bucket, are visible beneath the sink.

17. “These earplugs have a tiny ceramic filter in them that fell out and got lodged in my 10-year-old’s ear canal.”

A hand holds an open blue container beside an EarPlanes box labeled "for KIDS." The box highlights features like CeramX filter and hypoallergenic silicone. Three small white items are circled in red next to the container.

18. “Mom sprayed cleaner onto the light switch, and now I have no electricity. Moving out inspection is tomorrow”

A light switch panel installed on a textured wall next to a wooden door frame. The switches are white, slightly askew, and one is missing its cover. Below the switches is an outlet. Part of a radiator is visible to the right.

19. “Dealership sold me a car with a locked console safe”

A car center console is open, revealing a lockable compartment with a combination lock and latch. The surrounding area includes cup holders and a black interior with red stitching. The compartment has a textured black surface.

20. “I let someone borrow my knife at work. This is how they gave it back to me”

A bent knife with a thin, pointed blade resting on a metal surface near a blue plastic rack and a green cloth.

21. “My neighbor keeps doing this because she doesn’t want anyone parking next to her car”

A small assortment of potted plants and a white bucket are placed on an asphalt surface. The plants include a hanging fern on a stand and a few smaller plants. In the background, there are apartment buildings, a chain-link fence, and a basketball hoop.

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