Common Reasons Men Get Dumped In Relationships

Sometimes you might see the warning signs that things are about to hit the fan, and in general heading downhill at an alarmingly rapid rate. Other times, you get completely blindsided and all at once find your broken heart beating an ode of despair outside your chest. If you’re someone who has been through the perilous pits of heartbreak before, or you’re someone who could find solace in being able to gain a better grasp on potential relationship red flags you should keep a wary eye out for, then this quick list might be just what you need.

1. Communication is absolutely key

A couple sitting next to each other while in a silent argument and turned away from each other.
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Regardless of your “love language” you’re going to need to be able to communicate healthily and effectively with your partner. If it feels like one or the both of you are always talking to dismissive brick walls, then something needs to change fast. Active listening is a great way to show your partner that you’re not only providing them the necessary silence to speak their mind, but you’re also reaffirming them through reiterating to them what they said.

2. One person wants kids, and the other does not

A couple in a heated argument with a sunset background.

There are plenty of relationship hurdles that can be overcome through adequate time and energy, but when it gets down to not being able to find common ground on the matter of having/not having kids, this one’s a definite dealbreaker. The sooner you’re able to establish where you and your partner stand on such a matter, the better you’ll feel on down the road.

3. Their partner wasn’t over their ex

A couple seated next to each other on a couch with their arms crossed after being in an argument.

Unfortunately, plenty of people out there get hasty when it comes to not wanting to be alone more than they don’t want to confront unresolved feelings about an ex partner. Anyone who has ever been given the boot because their partner of the time wanted to run it back to their ex knows just how soul-crushing such a development can be.

4. Their partner refused to put equal value on their needs

A couple having an argument on their couch while one person wears a yellow sweater and the other person wears a blue sweater.

Consider a potential scenario where you have a partner who is chasing down a few new thrilling job leads in different parts of the country. If there’s never even a conversation about how you’ll also manage to find work in the new area, this could prove to be tough. Granted, there are times when the sacrifice is completely appropriate. However, the conversation needs to happen before such a sacrifice is taken. Otherwise, you run the risk of having all kinds of intense resentment build up.

5. They insist on being manipulative

A couple that just had an argument and are now faced away from each other in a dark room.

Manipulation is a beastly thing. One can find themselves in the pits of being gaslit to oblivion, and led to believe that they should never feel like they have any self worth. The worst part about certain manipulators is they’ve gotten exceedingly “good” at hiding their ways. Any man who has been dumped by a manipulative partner hopefully got dumped because they woke up to all of the toxic nonsense.

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