19 People Who Were Very Picky When Begging For Things

If you’ve ever tried to navigate an online marketplace where there’s a section for discounted/free listings, then you’ve probably come across people who will shamelessly post tales of likely fiction about why they need pricey, luxury items for free. Seriously, people will get ferociously picky when they beg for free handouts. We’ll take a look at some of the most ridiculous instances of picky people begging for free things online that we’ve seen in a while.

1. “Luxury Gym.”

A person's hand with long nails is placed over their leg in an outdoor setting. A text overlay reads: "Current situation: Living in extreme poverty barely able to afford meals accepting sponsors for the following: Hotels, Cars, Houses, Luxury gym memberships, Clothing and storage, Food.
u/nursetoasty/via reddit.com

“I love the wording here. Accepting sponsors like she’s going to go through and give people the privilege of letting her mooch off of them.” – u/dragonchilde

“But I got my fancy nails!” – u/Desert_Damsel

2. “Tinder is the new U-Haul.”

A person wearing a floral skirt and sandals is walking on a sidewalk. The text below the image reads "Looking for: Still figuring it out" and "About Me: we need help moving our furniture to a new apartment—that's it. no other inquiries pls...
u/theosinagape/via reddit.com

“In my mind, the fact they are not asking friends or connections and instead are asking strangers speaks volumes as to what sort of people they are.” – u/LWY007

“Someone once dated me for 2 months just so they had someone to help them move. They dumped me via text when I was on my way home.” – u/wastedmytwenties

3. “Wanting a wedding photographer for virtually free.”

Text-based image of a social media post seeking an experienced, non-beginner wedding photographer for a two-hour job paying $25 per hour. Includes benefits like catered food and a drink, with the possibility of an additional $25 tip. Wedding is in October.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“I love the backhanded, photography is a hobby not a skill, comment.” – u/deleted

“Well at least they offered to tip. How generous of them” – u/RamenNoodles620

4. “What’s wrong with public pools/beaches?”

A screenshot of a social media post expressing frustration about unfair access to private pools during the pandemic. The author argues it's unfair for individuals with private pools to keep them inaccessible while public pools are closed, leaving others without swimming options.
u/schiissdraeck/via reddit.com

“And how dare people have entire refrigerators, freezers, and cupboards full of food I’m not entitled to just walk in and snack on at will!” – u/deleted

“There is literally an app called Swimply where you can rent out people’s private pools. But I don’t think they would like the idea of having to pay.” – u/jesshhii

5. “I bought a couch on clearance that won’t fit. So I’m trying to sell it for $1,500. This is the first offer I’ve received.”

A text message conversation showing a person inquiring about a "Sleeper Sofa Couch" listing on a classified ad. They message "60?" The other person responds with, "Yes, it's available." The inquirer then asks, "$60?" and follows up with "It looks poverty.
u/speckled_freckles_/via reddit.com

“Outstanding. I respect the level of maturity here and fully approve.” – u/impeachcordial

“For $60 you may sniff its newness and leave.” – u/royallyoakie

6. “I love small business owners.”

A Google review showing a 1-star rating and a comment saying, "Do not go there they don't know what they are doing I would give them a minus 3." The business owner responded, explaining that they saved the reviewer $135 and waived an $80 diagnostic fee.
u/mattsalazar4/via reddit.com

“Another frustrating aspect of this is that the Hazels of the world ruin things for the rest of us. I’m sure the mechanic feels less inclined to go the extra mile for the next customer.” – u/DrewSullivan2

“No good deed goes unpunished.” – u/TG-in-thegoldy

7. “I knew she was looking for free childcare.”

Text description: "Hi! I’m looking for a mommy-helper for after school until I’m done with my work day (4:30pm) for two little boys 3.5 and 1.5 yrs old... (etc). They will start next week." The message seeks a kind, responsible, and enthusiastic babysitter with or without experience.
u/boardcertified/via reddit.com

“No. They will not be starting next week.” – u/NoDragonfly661

“There’s so much entitlement when it comes to babysitting.” – u/PackagedNightmare

8. “Don’t offer me a ride if you’re not also willing to pay for parking.”

A Facebook post with someone asking for a ride to a downtown appointment at 10 and back home at 11, offering to be picked up at 9. Another person replies that they could drive if the requester pays for parking. The requester questions paying for the parking.
u/eleanorfrench6/via reddit.com

“The lack of appreciation for help offered is jaw dropping.” – u/remembertowelday525

“You’re right. You should pay for parking for your car instead.” – u/FlyingNope

9. “Stay at home boyfriend needs to be supported too.”

A social media post describes a parent’s frustration with their child’s father, who now has a new girlfriend and job. Despite providing financial support and spending time with their child, the parent dislikes the girlfriend. The parent is considering child support.
u/schiissdraeck/via reddit.com

“Sounds like this mother shouldn’t be the custodial parent.” – u/PommeyMommy

“It’s called unemployed. You’re both unemployed.” – u/deleted

10. “Low pay and no tattoos.”

A Facebook post is seeking an overnight pet sitter for Friday and Saturday night. The sitter cannot leave for more than 20 minutes at a time (up to 3 times). Pay is $35 for the weekend, and the fridge will be stocked with pizza. Tattoos disqualify applicants. References required.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Stocked with pizza!” – u/deleted

“I charge that for a single 1 hour walk.” – u/Traditional-Ebb-8380

11. “Original price was $300 and conversation ends immediately.”

A conversation screenshot is shown. Jack asks, "Can I buy for $20?" The response is, "320$ for you". Jack replies, "I got only 20". The final response is, "so you need to go to McDonald's and eat instead of buying drones".
u/jemalas/via reddit.com

“If I had a drone I’d sell it to you after reading that story.” – u/Aviation_Nut63

“But but the children, think of the children.” – u/deleted

12. “Who gets an Uber on wedding day, and let alone pooling?”

A tweet by @nicolewboyce reads: "I was just in an uber pool with a couple going to their WEDDING and they had the audacity to be mad at ME for joining the pool even though they chose UBER POOL on their WEDDING DAY.
u/oldad3946/via reddit.com

“My sister got married on a public beach, and had the nerve to be upset that there were other people somewhat near.” – u/coffee_addict_96

“Nothing wrong with anything they did except for being mad that someone joined their pool. That’s ridiculous when they chose pool.” – u/Unlikely_Ad_1692

13. “I need a job paying $500 a week, but will only work Thursdays and every other weekend.”

A Facebook post showing someone seeking a part-time job. The person needs to earn $500 per week, is available only on Thursdays and alternating weekends, and requires time off with pay when it's nice outside. The post has 173 reactions and several comments.
u/sandman1025/via reddit.com

“Don’t forget tax. This person definitely wants $500 to take home.” – u/deleted

“Armed robbery might work for them.” – u/NotQuiteNick

14. “Why should I pay for a service that someone spent years of their life studying for in order to provide it?”

A Facebook post in a group called "ParakeetPro: Help and Advice Regarding Your Budgies" expresses frustration about high vet bills. The user spent 120 pounds on a vet bill and 200 pounds on an emergency bill for a deceased pet, criticizing the cost of pet care.
u/velmaowens2/via reddit.com

“People who think others should work for free. Okay, buddy.” – u/DowntownHope7471

“My daughter is a vet tech. She has stories that make me wonder how humans became even slightly civilized.” – u/NicAoidh65

15. “She may not even make it to the bride part.”

A social media post with text saying: "I would dump a guy if he got me a nasty cheap Pandora ring for my engagement. A guy should spend 20% of his yearly salary on a ring dont you agree girls!? #weddings #Travel" The username is blacked out.
u/ok_principle_2702/via reddit.com

“Propose when you’re unemployed.” – u/Strafe_Flex

“Her engagement ring is a RingPop.” – u/mwilliams4d57

16. “Would you class this as a choosing beggar?”

A tweet from Claressa Shields expresses frustration about not receiving comp tickets for a boxing fight. Top Rank Boxing responds, stating they were sold out of floor seats but had offered other seats to her representatives, which were declined.
u/muchtone8124/via reddit.com

“Yup. Complains they didn’t get something for free and was even offered other seats but turned them down.” – u/Greenman8907

“I love it when companies respond with what really happened?” – u/CuteCanary

17. “Choosing beggar wants Halloween candy scaled to the value of your home.”

A screenshot of a social media post expressing frustration about receiving small tootsie rolls while trick-or-treating in a wealthy neighborhood. The user feels that wealthy people should provide better candy and discusses this with their sister, who disagrees.
u/eatshitake/via reddit.com

“Just because a home is valued at 800K on Zillow doesn’t mean they are wealthy. They may have bought it in 2008 for 200K, which is a very, very low priced home.” – u/VeryStickyPastry

“Translation goes, I google house prices and target the higher value ones for gains.” – u/lizfour

18. “Asking for a literal car in a buy nothing group.”

A Facebook post in a "Buy Nothing" group. The user is looking for a lightly used car for their daughter who will be turning 16. They prefer a smoke-free, pet-free, all-wheel-drive vehicle due to living on a court that is rarely plowed. Delivery is needed.
u/lololaur_/via reddit.com

“How do people like this exist?” – u/DotAccomplished5484

“I could use a new car. Free oil changes for a few years would also help tremendously.” – u/deleted

19. “This was a request on NextDoor.”

A handwritten note with a bulleted list of items. The items include a large TV, a fake broadleaf plant, electric extension cords, a multi-plug socket strip, a starlight projector, six small night lights, two table lamps with shades, and a Bluetooth sound system.
u/echoshowmethemoney/via reddit.com

“I’d send him the address of the nearest Walmart.” – u/Pretzel_Logistics

“They can’t afford a simple plugin nightlight.” – u/Ok_Habit59

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