19 Dumb People Who Prove Stupidity Is Peaking

There are plenty of people from older generations that are more than ready to let you know that they’re convinced that society at large is on a downhill sprint toward losing sense altogether. In certain ways, one could make an argument that having powerful tools available to kids nowadays that makes it easier than ever for them to not actually have to learn to read or write could prove interesting for on down the road. Branching off that though, the internet’s never been in short supply of self-proclaimed brainiacs that are actually the most clueless ones around. We’ve rounded up some of the more clueless interactions that we’ve seen in a while.

1. “Mathematicians and physicists must fear him.”

A text message conversation on a phone screen reads: "There are some niche parts of mathematical physics where I am very very good. For instance, PDE usage in quantum mechanics and E&M theory. People were crying when going over the quantum harmonic oscillator solution. I thought it was pretty easy using ladder operators. So when I look at the basic physics on the Mcat I quickly realized that doctors don't really know any physics at all." The message is accompanied by several app icons at the bottom, including iMessage, Cash, and others.
u/skittlecrack/via reddit.com

“Harmonic oscillators are covered in the first few weeks of undergrad physical chemistry classes.” – u/DieselBrick

“The misspelling of the word basic really ties the message together.” – u/IamThe

2. “I was reading college textbooks in Kindergarten.”

Screenshot of a social media thread. The first user says they read college textbooks in kindergarten and continues to read voluminously. Another user sarcastically responds, "Just to flex, I know how to drink water," with water emojis. Other responses include "Haha" and "meh.
u/podzilla99/via reddit.com

“Voluminously.” – u/Luminum_

“I don’t think it’s made them self-aware.” – u/Sensitive_Mud9003

3. “It’s not satire, they are always like this.”

A screenshot of a Discord message. The message reads: "People who lurk waiting for me to make a mistake. Don't actually realise I have an IQ of above 120. I'm very logical with my actions as a mod. I've been doing this for around 5-10 years anyway, so that's a long wait for a lot of people." There are two custom emojis in the message: one showing a thinking facial expression and another showing a popular meme face.
u/aoshipika/via reddit.com

“The moment someone mentions their IQ in an argument they’re attempting to win, it’s so over.” – u/ImJustSomeGuyYaKnow

“I guess this was ironically his very mistake. The wait is over, I guess.” – u/StovetopChart65

4. “Antithesis to my mind.”

A social media exchange wherein two individuals discuss the psychology behind certain behaviors. One states it must be interesting yet sad, while the other comments on finding people's interest in psychology fascinating, despite it being contrary to their mindset.
u/johnbrown/via reddit.com

“Weirdest romantic confession I’ve ever come across.” – u/SonofSonnen

“He is very photosynthesis. You wouldn’t understand.” – u/between_ewe_and_me

5. “The original point was about an HDMI cord.”

A Facebook exchange where the first comment says, "You need education vulgar language tells us all we need to know about you," and the response reads, "hahaha what a boomer mentality. Use of profanity is no longer indicative of low vocabulary or lack of intelligence...
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“The best is how they wrote about individuals.” – u/bishoppair234

“One can only wonder what their QI is.” – u/Real_Rebelchunk

6. “On a clip of a children’s show presenting a cool fact.”

A lit candle is placed inside a clear glass bottle. The scene is paused on a YouTube video with 794 comments, 43K likes, 6 likes on a user comment stating "Simple aero. Simpletons," and a person in a green and brown striped sweater visible in the background.
u/patpierce1916/via reddit.com

“Such simpletons.” – u/blue_birb1

“Clearly they’re destined for academic greatness.” – u/deleted

7. “Can you believe the audacity of this guy showing his work?”

A piece of lined paper containing the handwritten steps and solution of a definite integral problem. Above the paper is the text "Had to whip it up real quick," and below it, a comment reads "Did he use paper to solve this?? Lol this was solvable in the mind..." with laughing emojis.
u/memphistrash_/via reddit.com

“Shame he couldn’t have posted his brain on Twitter and shown that.” – u/le01jack

“I’ve forgotten everything I learned in college.” – u/CountBrackmoor

8. “Ah, what nostalgia.”

A social media post with a profile picture and name obscured. The post reads, "That right there, is why I left Reddit. I'm a literal genius, top 2% of my generation according to federal testing, left high school 2 years early and Bright Flighted my way into KU's chemical engineering program with an ACT score of 34. I was banned from r/science while citing the NIH.
u/whiteraxe/via reddit.com

“I was in chemical engineering. I’m not surprised. A lot of people are like this in that field.” – u/OldWolfofFarron1

“High ACT score has nothing to do with being a genius. I scored a 16, yet scored top 99th percentile on a Facebook IQ test.” – u/CallMeCrews

9. “Someone merely asked what the slang word, bet, meant.”

A screenshot of a social media post by a user named "Sitter." The user discusses their discomfort with younger people's slang, like "Bet," which they find nonsensical and immature. The post mentions having a low tolerance for such language, finding it cringeworthy.
u/angel/via reddit.com

“Not even that old equals a teenager desperately trying to be intellectual.” – u/FraughtOverwrought

“It literally means the same thing as you bet.” – u/UtztheCrabChip

10. “Oh they went fully overboard.”

A screenshot of a social media exchange. The first comment boasts about having a high IQ and being self-educated in various advanced subjects. A reply corrects the original commenter by stating that there are no electrons in an atomic nucleus. Another commenter responds with "Boom!
u/mrmcdkst/via reddit.com

“It’s also integral calculus, not integrated calculus.” – u/the_scottster

“One has to wonder about being both highly trained and self-educated.” – u/BDid_420

11. “This guy wants his starting rating on chess to be around 2500.”

A message addressed to chess.com requesting an initial rating of 2500 due to a long layoff from chess. The sender humorously debates their potential as a chess genius, references Gary Kasparov's rating, and signs off as Matthew.
u/final-presence-9896/via reddit.com

“If I were the admin I’d give it to him for the assessment games, then when he loses all 10, ban the account.” – u/your_fathers_beard

“You got to play in real life tournaments to get the GM title, Matthew. You can’t just play on a website.” – u/FlixMage

12. “People keep asking me how I am so smart.”

A social media post that reads: "People always ask me how I am so smart. IQ is genetic. HOWEVER. If you’re under 25 especially, make it through Plato and Aristotle. It’s not that hard tbh, and it trains your brain in a way of thinking. 99% of people who 'debate' can’t do Socratic dialogue. Puts you way ahead.
u/Man_on_the_moon/via reddit.com

“IQ is not nearly as based on genetics as these people believe.” – u/VirtualBirthdayParty

“Me when I’m not critically engaging with a text.” – u/yslyric

13. “My girlfriend was average intelligence, so I dumped her.”

A social media post with the following text: "I've felt very lonely for a long time. I even broke up with someone because they were not at my level (they were average or a little above average intelligence). In my day to day life the biggest difference I feel, being smarter is that I marvel at the way my co-workers go through life. It is fascinating to me how they handle regular work and live. (This all sounds really bad lol).
u/vicie007/via reddit.com

“I’ve never met a genius who couldn’t use basic grammar to save his life. I think we’re on to something here, guys.” – u/RiverLOhRiver86

“It was probably the other way around because he’s insufferable.” – u/Zaela22

14. “They just want to be normal like us, guys.”

A Facebook post reads: "Built my first computer at 7. Been programming since 10. Cursed with intelligence, sometimes I just want to be a normie 😔" The post has 10 reactions, 4 comments, and options to Like, Comment, or Share at the bottom. The name of the poster is blacked out.
u/twotarrasque/via reddit.com

“Oh look he’s sad. He should build himself a friendship bot.” – u/PerspectiveActive218

“Assembled not built. That’s easier than a basic LEGO kit.” – u/x_lincoln_x

15. “Too much Linux.”

Screenshot of a Reddit conversation. The initial comment reads, "Linux users don't deserve Discord" with 5 upvotes and an orange up arrow. The response reads, "Not worth it? Average Linux user horizons are wider than you can imagine and more likely they are more capable," with -8 karma.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“I’m more concerned about that first comment.” – u/ArrilockNewmoon

“I swear that some Linus users are the equivalent to people who feel they have to say they are vegan to everyone they meet.” – u/schmidtytime

16. “Of course, it certainly helps.”

A 5-star review for a dovetail jig from two years ago. The reviewer praises the jig's quality and precision. Despite being a PhD holder and Math teacher, the reviewer highlights the jig’s ease of use and highly recommends it, noting they repurchased it after selling the original.
u/screen_hider/via reddit.com

“Yes. When I think woodworking I think of mathematics PhDs.” – u/richerhomiequan

“Got to justify that student loan debt somehow.” – u/xduckymoox

17. “Come on guys, he’s just trying to be helpful.”

A screenshot of a social media thread with three comments. The first comment says, "Glass doesn't explode, it shatters." The next comment says, "Super helpful right now, thanks." The last comment says, "Just trying to help out people with lower than average IQ's. So you're welcome. ♥
u/peterpandawacker/via reddit.com

“Huh. I thought people with high IQs would know how to pluralize.” – u/JustDroppedbytoSay

“The pretentiousness is strong with this one.” – u/chaoticidealism

18. “99% bare minimum.”

u/visuo/via reddit.com

“Non judgment skills then.” – u/MittMuckerbin

“There is some word salad on that list.” – u/Dailia-/via Reddit.com

19. “Can’t sleep again.”

A Facebook post with a red scribble over the profile picture. The post reads, "When it's 4am and you can't fall back to sleep because you're contemplating if the speed of light took 0 time one way and twice as long then other to travel, would it be undetected due to time dilation and space contraction, and what that would mean for causality of light traveling from the edge of the universe if going on the infinite direction.
u/heatdish1292/via reddit.com

“Twice as long as zero is still zero.” – u/OJStrings

“I’m glad it’s not just me.” – u/Shamu2000

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