19 Fascinating Pics of Things That Are Total Nightmare Fuel

A proper cursed pic is the kind of pic that just leaves you unsettled right into your bones. It’s pure nightmare fuel for the factory of night terrors. The weird thing about certain cursed images that aren’t too terrifying is that it’s almost hard to not look at them. Like, they’re fascinating in their own unsettling way. These morbidly fascinating pics certainly check off that box.

1. “Cursed tree.”

A surreal scene showing a tiny, white, single-story house with a gabled roof on a grassy field. Next to the house is a towering, black, spiky, humanoid figure with glowing red eyes, casting a shadow. The background has a cloudy sky and distant industrial buildings.
u/aproltinin/via reddit.com

“That ain’t tree bro. That’s an entity that will eat your spine.” – u/Humble-Highlight-400

“That’s a messed up looking cat.” – u/nekomango

2. “Cursed seat cushion.”

A close-up photo of a worn-out black leather cushion. The stitching and indents on the cushion resemble a smiling face with two small buttons for eyes, a slit for a mouth, and a thin vertical tear on the forehead.
u/drangis_/via reddit.com

“Nope.” – u/butterflies

“That couch looks haunting.” – u/Recent-Swordfish9920

3. “Cursed streetlight.”

u/drangis_/via reddit.com

“Sup, Man-Thing!” – u/EastwoodHood

Yeah, you absolutely don’t want to stare too long and too close at this ominous entity. You might just wake up in an endless and inescapable nightmare.

4. “Cursed dino.”

A toy model of a brontosaurus with a human head photoshopped onto the dinosaur. The caption below reads "Lebrontosaurus $200".
u/esssteeegeee/via Reddit.com

“Seeing this after just waking up makes me wonder if I actually did wake up.” – u/Zazzage

“Ok, but now I want it.” – u/BeastlyChicken

5. “Cursed service.”

A person in a bright orange shirt and white shorts stands next to a white vehicle with the words "England Removal" and a phone number written on the door. The image is taken from inside another car, partially showing the dashboard and window frame.
u/little_dude_guy/via reddit.com

“The French would like to get a quote.” – u/DragonCaster69

“Red coat remover.” – u/hazelgamer774992

6. “Cursed crackers.”

u/obviouswash3639/via reddit.com

“Love you too, grandma.” – u/Eastwoodhood

Honestly though. Let’s just entertain the idea that this is a business opportunity waiting to skyrocket on the coattails of some kind of TikTok coattails viral video situation.

7. “Cursed plug.”

u/crowisannoying/via reddit.com

“Touch it and you’ll become a walking magnet.” – u/Foolish_fool55

“Oh my goodness.” – u/no-tax-9149

8. “Cursed ice cream.”

Two images of vanilla ice cream tubs. The top image shows ice cream with a smiling face made of chocolate chips. The bottom image shows ice cream with a distorted, scary face, resembling a wrinkled and creepy mask.
u/kenasworld/via reddit.com

“The last Horcrux.” – u/falsevector

“We all scream for ice cream.” – u/DrewTamashi

9. “Cursed toothbrush.”

A person holds a package of three Wilko brush sets in a store aisle. The package includes wire, brass, and nylon brushes. Background shelves display various household items and tools, with store lighting illuminating the scene.
u/extracamera4562/via reddit.com

“Man this one is most probably to remove rust out of metal surfaces. What’s so cursed about this?” – u/deleted

Okay, but really, there are probably some people walking amongst us that actually would have to ask someone at the checkout if this was meant to be a toothbrush. So it goes.

10. “Cursed mitosis.”

An image showing five rows, each with a cartoon character on the left and a biological cell process on the right, connected by lines. The rows are labeled 1 to 5. The character changes in expression and pose in each row, while the cells depict different stages of a process.
u/venganqolbom/via reddit.com

“Oh, so that’s how it works.” – u/FantasyDreem

“What is happening.” – u/Slichu_

11. “Cursed train snack.”

u/M_C_Ramon/via reddit.com

“It’s cronch time.” – u/SnakeJacobsen

“Where’s the rat.” – u/ootvl

12. “Cursed Marge.”

A LEGO creation featuring Marge Simpson's head on a robotic, skeletal body made from brown and white LEGO pieces. The figure is holding a small black object in one of its outstretched arms, standing on a wooden surface against a plain background.
u/neutermariones/via reddit.com

“Someone must do a stop motion animation of her screaming before, during, and after her metamorphosis into a Bionicle.” – u/Eastwoodhood

“Homer I require Bloodshed.” – u/ApplesTeamFort2

13. “Cursed tape.”

A transparent tape dispenser is filled with a coil of spaghetti instead of tape. The spaghetti appears to have a tomato-based sauce on it. The dispenser is placed on a white surface.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Tasty.” – u/fhorcas

Wait. Hold up. We could be onto something big here. It’s like a variation of the whole Fruit by the Foot candy craze.

14. “Yum, cursed hot dog.”

u/cjm3436/via reddit.com

15. “Cursed driver.”

A heavily mud-covered off-road vehicle with a driver inside, equally plastered with mud, sits on a grassy area. The vehicle's frame, wheels, and protective netting are barely visible underneath the thick layer of mud. Other vehicles are seen in the background.
u/endersgame_reviewer/via reddit.com

“Yum deep-fried car.” – u/unknown-legend

“Nice mud sculpture. Where’s the driver though?” – u/GameboiGX

16. “Cursed ice cream man.”

A whimsical statue of an ice cream cone with a waffle cone body, legs, and arms. The cone has scoops of yellow and red ice cream with a swirl of white on top, big googly eyes, and a wide smile. It stands next to a menu stand for "Smoothik" at an outdoor restaurant.
u/pesce_morto/via reddit.com

“You just can’t handle the sheer power of flavor when you combine citrus with strawberry.” – u/Ron_Bird

“Naw bro, he chillin.” – u/TalkinBen2000

17. “Cursed Carrot.”

u/lilylabrie/via reddit.com

Those eyes have seen some troubling things, man. I mean, what was this cursed carrot even put on this earth in the first place for? Clearly nothing good.

18. “Cursed hallway.”

u/endersgamereviewer/via reddit.com

“The Overlook Hotel?” – u/lace-and-bows

“My brain hurts.” – u/RPGLUCARIO

19. “Teeth also cursed.”

A humorous image features a fluffy, anthropomorphic tooth holding a toothbrush, accompanied by the text, "Remember, kids, if YOU don't brush your teeth, I WILL." The tooth character has a mischievous grin and is floating in front of a wall.
ujusta_tv_1/via reddit.com

“This would scare me if I was a kid and saw this at the dentist.” – u/EndersGame_Reviewer

Yeah, to be real though. Anyone in their right mind would be a little unsettled by this dude’s energy. Like, put the toothbrush down please, sir.

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