21 Hilarious Examples of Wild Cakes That Missed the Mark

Not everyone is cut out for the undertaking that can be making a cake. It’s an involved process, to say the least. And some attempts at making the proper cake can end up being nothing short of disastrous events. If there’s one thing for sure it’s that these people might want to try their hands at something else. There’s no shame in pivoting into a different lane.

1. “A horrifying first attempt at using fondant for a Phantom of the Opera cake.”

A cake decorated with a human face, half of which is covered with a creamy white mask. The face has detached, realistic features like eyes, lips, and a nose. The cake sits on a tiled surface, and a rose lies beside it.
u/ninarose0090011803/via Reddit.com

“This actually makes me laugh so hard. It’s absolutely iconic.” – u/morganleh

“You should start a specialty in creepy face cakes, and produce a variety.” – u/routineatrocity

2. “I was told my cake doesn’t look great.”

A homemade birthday cake covered in chocolate ganache and topped with fresh raspberries. Colorful candles spelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" are placed on top of the cake. The cake appears slightly messy with chocolate and raspberries spread around.
u/abbeybearberner/via reddit.com

“But does it taste good?” – u/nefhithiel

“Most delicious thing either of us has eaten. Created core memories.” – u/Abbeybearberner

3. “My dad’s 50th birthday cake.”

A rectangular cake with bright green frosting depicting a golf course. There is a small white toy golf cart placed off-road on the cake. The text on the cake reads, "Can golf cart be set as if crashed?" A small red flag with the number 18 is also on the cake.
u/coldsouop96/via reddit.com

“It’s almost better like this.” – u/ZeldaFreak96

“That is hysterical!” – u/deleted

4. “I requested a hedgehog cake. This is what my husband made.”

A rectangular chocolate cake is decorated to look like a face with two round cereal pieces for eyes, a yellow candy piece for a nose, and a smile formed from orange candy pieces. Uncooked spaghetti noodles are sticking out from the top of the cake like hair.
u/tirzys/via reddit.com

“The mouth looks like it is made out of iron supplements.” – u/Any_Coyote6662

“He mucked it up. He tried. Give him all the hugs.” – u/naliedel

5. “Scared of the Rango cake I made.”

A cake designed to look like a frog's face on a pink plate. The cake has green frosting for the frog's skin and small yellow frosting with brown dots for the eyes. It sits on a kitchen counter with some baking supplies visible nearby.
u/live-internal-959/via reddit.com

“Would eat!” – u/IanGecko

“I love this. And it made me laugh.” – u/deleted

6. “Birthday hedgehog cake for dad.”

A round, chocolate cake decorated to look like a quirky monster with chocolate sticks as spikes, white candy teeth, and two chocolate pieces for eyes. A hand with a thumbs-up gesture is in the foreground, indicating approval of the cake.
u/froggo/via reddit.com

“Suitably horrific. I think this is the most replicated cake fail ever.” – u/nonnymous

“Traumatized sea urchin that has seen the dark side.” – u/tatersofpotaters

7. “My attempt at a zombie cake for my son’s birthday.”

A birthday cake designed as a graveyard scene features green zombie figures emerging from the ground, alongside tombstones marked "RIP." The cake, decorated with green frosting grass, reads "Happy Birthday Tyler" in black icing on a brown chocolate surface.
u/lannett/via reddit.com

“This is actually so cute.” – u/peacan

“I mean, they are working that zombie vibe.” – u/toodarkaltogether

8. “Tried making my friend a birthday cake, and they’re supposed to be frogs.”

Round cake decorated with multicolored sprinkles and two green frog toppers, featuring the number "25" in green candles. The cake sits on a white plate on a brown surface, with a smartphone, pink highlighter, and a napkin nearby.
u/purdicialle/via reddit.com

“They look like cute slime monsters.” – u/FierceTigerGirl2000

“They look exactly like frog squishmallows.” – u/VentiUno

9. “My sister had this cake ordered to her grandmother to celebrate her birthday.”

A round cake with white frosting, decorated with blue sprinkles around the edges. Written in blue icing on the top are the words "HEY GREATGRADMAS" with some letters appearing slightly smudged. The cake is in an open brown box.
u/_rebelrebel_/via reddit.com

“Why did this make me laugh so hard.” – u/Open_Injury_1801

“So many questions.” – u/SteeDee1968

10. “Here’s my stacked cake fail.”

A homemade, rectangular chocolate cake with frosting spilling over the sides sits on a baking sheet. The top is decorated with colorful sprinkles, creating a festive appearance. The cake appears slightly uneven with some frosting melted and pooled at the base.
u/any-hunt699/via reddit.com

“Don’t even care. Would absolutely eat this with a big cold glass of milk.” – u/Proud-Butterfly6622

“I love the rainbow sprinkles.” – u/delb2dc

11. “Cursed Charlie Brown cake my Albertson’s coworker made.”

A large cupcake cake arranged to form a character with a smiling face and a yellow shirt with a black zigzag pattern. The cake is placed on a golden board, with jars of frosting nearby.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Outside of missing his hair and eyebrows, it’s pretty good.” – u/solitarytrees2

“Charlie Brown, phone home.” – u/state_issued

12. “It’s almost Easter.”

A cake shaped like a lamb covered in white shredded coconut sits on a glass plate. The plate is sprinkled with green shredded coconut to resemble grass. The lamb has a pink nose and black eyes, and there are kitchen appliances in the background.
u/creeepyvegan/via reddit.com

“The lamb seems shocked at Easter being here.” – u/twink1813

“That look when you’re about to add more coconut.” – u/turnipsnbeets

13. “Lamb fail.”

A homemade cake shaped like a lion rests on a sheet of aluminum foil. The lion cake is covered in cream-colored frosting, with distinct eyes and a mane decorated with swirls of icing. In the background, there is a cardboard box and various stuffed animals.
u/mikehtiger/via reddit.com

“Is it okay though?” – u/suhlone

“It’s the husky from The Thing.” – u/Frosty-Cap3344

14. “My fiancé is a lucky man.”

A homemade heart-shaped chocolate cake with textured chocolate frosting is placed on a teal plate. The surface of the cake is uneven, adding a rustic appearance. The edge of a pink object is visible at the bottom right corner.
u/iamascrewdriver/via reddit.com

“Anything handmade is lovely and charming no matter how it turns out.” – u/vincian-vintage33

“Nice steak!” – u/JoLeTrembleur

15. “Hosted my first football watching party and wanted to impress my guests.”

A chocolate cake shaped like a football is displayed on a white oval plate. The cake is frosted with chocolate icing and decorated with white icing to resemble the laces and stitches of a football. The bottom edges of the cake show some roughness.
u/delb2dc/via reddit.com

“Tom Brady got hold of that ball.” – u/blue_dendrite

“I guess someone dropped the ball!” – u/CityHippi

16. “Non-bakers baking.”

A quirky dessert creation featuring a sponge cake sculpture decorated to look like a character with yellow frosting, popcorn for hair, red candies for eyes, and a potato chip as a mouth. Colorful candies adorn the base of the cake.
u/beeflower/via reddit.com

“Duck cake!” – u/Periwinkle_Cupcake

“Frighteningly interesting.” – u/twink1813

17. “Everything went wrong.”

A round cake with white frosting and red-colored syrup drizzled over it, giving it a messy appearance. The syrup has pooled at the base, creating a striking contrast with the white frosting. The cake is placed on a white plate with a plastic wrap underneath.
u/wallabyillustrious36/via reddit.com

“If you’re me and into horror, everything went right and this looks very cool.” – u/TheRealGongoozler

“My zombie flash mob group would love this.” – u/Improvgal

18. “Tried to get my friend a cake for her bachelorette party.”

A round cake with white frosting and green decorative edging. The center has "Missed Missus" written in yellow icing. Two black stickers on the cake plastic lid read "Best Creme" and "Gold." The background is a dark, textured surface.
u/takoyato/via reddit.com

“We asked them to write Ms. to Mrs. Still really funny though. And more memorable than if it were correct.” – u/TakoYato

“Golden.” – u/Ronnilyn19

19. “Not sure if this counts, but it’s a gingerbread house if you couldn’t tell.”

A food on a plate
u/suprerior/via reddit.com

“Oh it qualifies. It’s grotesque.” – u/deleted

“Looks like Jigsaw got to it.” – u/jens_hens

20. “You had one job.”

A rectangular cake with white frosting features the words "Thak you" written in red icing, missing the letter 'n' in 'Thank.' Each corner of the cake has a chocolate-covered strawberry as decoration.
u/environmentalbaby310/via reddit.com

“Decorating with a stuffy nose.” – u/WooPig

“You’re welome.” – u/Last_Sundae_6894

21. “Ditto birthday cake.”

A homemade cake sitting on a red base, decorated with a blue ghost shape on top. The ghost has black eyes and mouth, and the cake's edges are sprinkled with black crumbs. Drips of black icing run down the sides. The wooden table background is slightly visible.
u/excitmentbasic206/via reddit.com

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost.” – u/Madgameboy

“I like how it looks like a spooky ghost just doing its best to haunt a cake.” – u/discopeachy

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