15 Paranormal Photos People Can’t Explain

We present to you, oh reader, a collection of spooky, chilling images, that people cannot explain. Not always is the person holding the camera claiming to have reached beyond the great divide, but they may not have come up with a better explanation just yet. So take a look at these, and tell us: What do you see?

“Looked up my deceased mother’s home, and she is in the pic!”

A person with long blonde hair stands outdoors beside a trailer loaded with old appliances, including a damaged washing machine. They are in a fenced area with trees and other structures visible in the background.

“My mom passed in 2012. The other day, I looked up her old home address on Google, ad she is in the picture! Google lists the pic taken 2 years ago. What the heck!” – Mlm525k

“Husband’s friend caught something weird on camera”

A text message conversation is depicted on the left, discussing a ghost sighting. On the right, a child sits in a reclining patio chair, surrounded by a pool area and balloons. The child's face is blacked out. The message at the bottom reads, "Where is the ghost?!?!?

“My husband sent me this text message today (he knows I like spooky stuff). Read the text and check out the pic. Whatever it is in the kitchen is just chilling. Gave me chills!” – SadieMaeGlutz

“My grandmothers ghost at my wedding”

A collage of three images: the first shows a wedding ceremony outdoors with guests seated on grass; the second shows a woman standing by a wooden door, seen from the shoulders down; the third is a close-up of an older woman with glasses and grey hair, wearing a striped shirt.

“My wife was looking through our wedding photos after we received them and was curious as to who was standing up during our ceremony. When she zoomed in, she saw a woman in the window. She showed me what she had found, and I immediately recognized it as my deceased great-grandmother. The only elderly at that wedding was in the front row watching us get married. Also, all of the food was lined in tables under that window, no way to actually get to it from that angle. This is my lone encounter with something like this and it still gives me chills” – zcarland

“This made me a believer”

Two images of a room with a bed in the foreground and a bookshelf with multiple DVDs in the background. Both images are identical except for their lighting: the top image has normal lighting, while the bottom one is more yellow-toned. A red circle highlights a string in both images.

“My mom took this photo and sent it to me, thinking it was weird that the string was floating, but I never noticed the figure in the back. 3 months after sending me this, she called me, scared out of her mind, and told me to look in the back, and it genuinely hurt my head. She was home alone (I was on the phone with her when she took the photo too). The top photo is the original; the bottom is the enhanced version. We recognize the figure as my passed aunt; you can even barely make out Winnie The Pooh on her clothing.” – PhonesGonnaDie

“Girl in a white dress in my house.”

An image split into two parts: the left side shows a dark room captured by a security camera at 08:54:40 PM, and the right side shows a smartphone screen displaying footage from the security camera with a thumb pointing at the image titled "Merkury CW007 720P camera has detected movement.

“First off, I’ll state I live alone. I’m not the type to typically believe in this Hollywood nonsense or paranormal stuff. However, a disturbance that I heard woke me just as I was about to fall asleep. I went to investigate the noise and saw my treadmill was running. It didn’t make sense because the treadmill requires a lanyard key to be reattached before it can even be started, which it was now. So I checked the surveillance footage on my phone to make sure nobody was there, and I discovered this. As a result, I returned to my room, grabbed my pistol, and checked my house’s rooms and garage to make sure nobody was there. I turned on the floodlights and looked outdoors but found nothing. I also looked at the time stamps and saw the lights go off, and then, less than a minute later, she reappeared when my camera detected motion. Does this appear to be a girl in a white dress?” – user

“Creepy hands appear in Polaroid”

A close-up photo of a Polaroid picture on a wooden surface. The Polaroid shows four women smiling and posing closely together. There is a darkened, blurred figure in the background, partially visible in a suit of armor.

“Those ‘hands’ in the background showed up in a Polaroid in the middle of a closed door to the outside with nothing/nobody behind it” – Opening-Bird9599

“Went to a gala yesterday, took this pic in the bathroom and noticed what looks like two hands on me”

Split image: On the left, a woman in a green dress takes a mirror selfie in a bathroom with wooden stall doors, two sinks, and bags on the counter. On the right, a close-up of the woman smiling and taking a selfie, showcasing her dress and long hair.

“Strange figure captured in the Queen Mary hallway”

A narrow, dimly-lit hallway with wooden walls and a patterned red carpet. The corridor features multiple doors on both sides and is lined with white railings. The ceiling has circular lights running along its length. Three images show different angles of the same hallway.

“I went on a tour of the Queen Mary last month, and I had some time to go down these long hallways and take photos with my phone. I made sure to avoid taking photos with any people in the shot and when I looked back at these two shots (left, center) a few seconds apart I noticed in the 2nd photo what looks like a shadowy figure off to the left. The photo on the left is a zoomed version of the center photo. There is a lobby entrance at the part of the hallway where the figure is standing, so of course, a person could quickly step in slightly and back out. Still, I know I never saw any physical person in front of me (the tour group was behind), and to me, it looked like someone wearing a long layered gown of some kind, which seemed out of place, as well as the fire seemed kind of “greyed out.” – hacking_to_the_g8

“These pictures I took on my mom’s phone when I was 14”

A 2x2 collage of an individual with their face obscured. They are wearing a gray shirt and a red bow or headband on their head, posing in different angles in each of the four photos against a wooden door background.

“I Took this almost a year ago and just noticed over last weekend”

Left side of the image shows a hand holding two snakes, one with a pattern and the other pale. In the background, there’s a decorated Christmas tree. Right side of the image shows a finger pointing towards a dark figure in a doorway with a bright light.

“So, my boyfriend and I have snakes—a bunch of ball pythons and two reticulated pythons. Anyway, I was going to show a friend a picture of 3 of my favorites when they were all babies last weekend. This picture has actually been my cover photo on FB for a WHILE now. At the time I noticed it, I’d had a few drinks and was also SUPER sleepy. So I actually told my friend I couldn’t find the picture when I noticed this in the background cause it freaked me OUT, and I wanted to have another look in the morning after some well-needed sleep, lol. I still saw it when I woke up. It’s still in my cover photo. And when I showed it to a few people without saying what I saw, they also confirmed they see the same thing.. There’s this music thing (a Precious Moments figurine thingy that you wind up on the bottom and plays a song) on that dresser as well, and there’s a blanket kinda acting as, like, a tablecloth over the top of the dresser. This little figure plays music on its own pretty often, but just for short little moments, and I’ve always assumed it’s because the blanket keeps it from sitting level on the dresser. But where the ‘thing’ seems to be ‘looking’ is right where that Previous Moments thing is.. I’m still legitimately freaked out over this, lol. Idk how I never noticed it when I’ve looked at this picture A LOT of times since I took it almost a year ago; it’s probably my FAVORITE snake picture. To me, it almost looks like a humanoid/ small child-type figure.” – idkwhattoputhere1830

“Photo of my cousin and her son taken after her brother’s funeral. They all believe this was his ghost”

A young child and an adult, whose faces are obscured, sit together in a brown armchair. The child is wearing a red and gray Spiderman shirt, and the adult is dressed in a green shirt and cap. A bright, mist-like light appears above and around them, creating a ghostly effect.

“Unexplainable footprints”

A small exercise trampoline is shown on a wooden floor. The left side of the image provides a top-down view of the entire trampoline, revealing its circular frame and black jumping surface. The right side of the image shows a close-up of the surface with visible handprints.

“This photo was taken a little over a year ago and I never even thought to share it with others until recently. I’ve been watching the show ‘Evil’ and it made me think about all the weird stuff that’s happened at my parents house while I was growing up.

For context, my dad uses this mini trampoline, called a ‘Rebounder,’ to exercise. He moved it while cleaning one day and that’s when he found these footprints on the underside of the Rebounder. The dust on the trampoline was from the lining of the old spring-cover, which started flaking (it’s over 20 years old). I think he removed the covers a few days before he found the footprints. So that’s the context behind the photo.

I truly have no idea what could cause these types of footprints. The feet have some type of webbing at the base of the phalanges. I’d estimate each print is around 10″ long or so.” – Educational-River-73

“A blurry face in a photo”

A person in a pink pig costume is standing in a room next to a doorway. Another person stands at the door, and a red circle highlights something in their hand, partially obscured. A black dog is jumping up toward the person at the door. A close-up of the circled area is shown.

“This is a photo my mom took in December of 2018. When she looked at the photo she noticed this strange blur.”

“Caught something/someone out the car window”

Three women are seated together in a dimly lit setting. The woman on the left is wearing a sleeveless top, the woman in the center is in a sleeveless dress, and the woman on the right is in a white short-sleeve top. Their faces are obscured and unrecognizable.

“This was back in 2015 and taken in the Philippines. My cousins decided to take a photo while waiting for their dad/uncle to open the garage door. There are only three people in this photo. Note that on the farthest right, that side of the car is sticking too close to the wall. There’s no way to open the door from that side, and the window is closed. We have no idea who/what that is next to them.”

“This was taken at an opera house on a flip phone in the late 2000s. We still don’t know what it is.”

An audience sits in a dimly lit theater. In the foreground, a woman with dark hair and a checkered jacket rests her chin on her hand, while an elderly woman with glasses, a white sweater, and light purple blouse sits next to her. The background shows other audience members.

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