19 Safety Fails and Mishaps That Prove Humanity Is Doomed

Some people prefer to play it safe in life, and yet some choose to do quite the opposite. Listen, we’re all for getting a job done efficiently, but just where does that line fall between risk and reward? These situations certainly test the OSHA boundaries, and we can’t decide whether we’d rather watch and see what happens or turn a blind eye and pretend we never saw these things.

1. “Grandpa’s asbestos tin.”

Safety fails that show a Royal Dansk cookie tin filled with white ash is placed on a wooden workbench outside. There are some tools around the bench, including a broom and a yardstick. A lawn and some outdoor items can be seen in the background.
u/pernaso77/via reddit.com

“I think someone’s grandpa’s dynamite stash in a shed was on here this week; you could combine it with this to solve two problems.” – u/DDmikeyDD

“I immediately checked to see if it was the same grandpa.” – u/ex-farm-grrl

2. “I found an electrician wearing this.”

A white construction hard hat with several screws protruding from it is placed on a gray table. A water bottle and some papers with diagrams are also on the table. Parts of the image are blacked out.
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“I called OSHA, and they came out and threw him right down the trash chute.” – u/RandomCreeper3

“It’s to discharge the electricity.” – u/zagiki

3. “Safety Standards in 1960”

Two women sit on a red chairlift, smiling and waving, high above a town nestled in a valley. The town is surrounded by expansive, rocky hills and majestic mountains under a clear, blue sky. The scene captures a sense of adventure and scenic beauty.

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“The standard was ‘hold on tight.'” – u/Hail-_-Michigan

“In 1960, people were smart enough to hang on as if their life depended upon it.” – u/ziddina

4. “Got canned yesterday for pointing out this massive violation.”

A vertical electrical panel labeled "Square D Company" with multiple switches and warning labels, installed against a gray industrial wall. Surrounding the panel are boxes, a large industrial pipe, and additional electrical equipment.

“That is the easiest win of your life. Lawyer up.” – u/AvanteGardens

“Hopefully, you TAPED the conversation!” – u/RayT-NC

5. “The Smoking Area has been moved.”

A propane tank exchange area outdoors next to a building. There are two metal cages labeled "AmeriGas" holding propane tanks. A metal bike rack and a rectangular trash can are nearby on the concrete ground.

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“Quickest way to quit smoking” – u/Lost_Minds_Think

“Good thing they thought to put a barrier there, just in case.” – u/M——

6. “How do you like my new balcony?”

A beige house has a second-floor balcony held up by a single, long, angled wooden support post. The balcony appears unsafe, with the support post looking unstable. There are bare trees in the background and other house structures visible.

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“I see the problem. It’s missing a hot tub and bbq.” – u/Xeno_man

“If you’re looking for advice, I would add a large life insurance policy to all other residents. Then you should be good to go.” – u/stardustlife

7. “This branch didn’t hold its own weight, but I guess it will hold this propped-up concrete lid.”

An open manhole with a metal cover propped up by a stick. There are orange traffic cones placed around the manhole, and a ladder leading down into the hole. The surrounding area has grass and paved pathways.
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“OSHA, The O is for Organic” – u/CySnark

“Yea, nah I’m not going down there boss.” – u/JIMMYJAWN

8. “Someone Ordered a New Door?”

A white Toyota pickup truck is parked on the street with large wooden pieces and ladders secured to its roof with red straps. The truck has a camper shell, and part of a person wearing a patterned jacket is visible in the bottom right corner of the frame.
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“It’s the tape keeping the rear window shut that seals the deal.” – u/OutOfNoMemory

“If only there was some sort of large cargo carrying area on that truck, they could have put the door there instead. Oh well.” – u/Itisd

9. “Construction workers at EPCOT, Disneyworld, early 1980s.”

A group of people stands and sits atop the geometric metal surface of a large, dome-shaped structure, possibly under construction. The background reveals a sprawling construction site with cranes, buildings, and a body of water under a hazy sky.
u/Nicker/via reddit.com

“Not a safety harness in sight. Just people, living in the moment.” – u/JesusStarbox

“Huh, good thing Florida isn’t known for storms or sudden changes in weather, right? Otherwise, this would be pretty dangerous.” – u/Necrikus

10. “This will go swimmingly”

A Twitter post by Chris Jackson shows a series of four images where a large green scissor lift is being used to work on a ceiling above an indoor swimming pool. The lift is positioned on wooden boards placed on the pool's surface, which looks precarious. The tweet says, "Come with me, and you’ll see, a world of OSHA violations..
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“The “cost of draining the pool is greater than potential human catastrophe” kind of people.” – u/PeopleStink777

“Do they get points for creativity? lol” – u/Memory_Less

11. “What’s this for?”

A black U-shaped power cable with plug prongs at both ends lies on a light wooden surface. The cable has metal and plastic connectors at each end, and appears to be an adapter or connector of some sort for electrical purposes.
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“The answer will shock you…..” – u/The-Bloody9

“Testing the response time of your local fire department.” – u/Mr_Gaslight

12. “Saw this outside my office today, what a lovely place to relax before starting the job.”

A yellow wood chipper is parked on the side of the road, attached to a wood disposal container. It has safety labels, controls, and a chute for processing branches. Trees and a wooden fence are visible in the background.
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“Psh, like you’ve never taken a wood chipper nap before.” – u/ashbelero

“It’s ok, it’s made to grind up trees, not people.” – u/ILove2Bacon

13. “The more you look, the worse it gets”

Two people scaling a slate roof, using ladders. The upper person is near the chimney, holding a wire, while the lower person stabilizes the ladder from below. The old stone house has multiple windows and visible roof details, such as moss and weathering.
u/Aidangee/via reddit.com

“At least the lower roof will break his fall.” – u/Laceysjorgen

“I can’t think of a single thing that could go wrong.” – u/Wisco_Version59

14. “Shockingly dumb placement”

A bathroom with a white tile bathtub featuring a faucet and a showerhead mount. A towel bar is installed above the tub. There's a rectangular electrical panel on the wall above the tub. A window with closed blinds is visible on the right side of the image.
u/tlotpwist/via reddit.com

“This is like the maximum level of Not My Job by SOOO many people.” – u/theDigitalNinja

“Probably 1 person: the flipper who said “wow, I should add a bathroom right here in this utility closet” – u/Mammyminer

15. “What my grandpa was using to change photos above the stairs.”

A wooden plank is precariously balanced across a staircase, forming a bridge from the top step to the railing. Various knick-knacks line the railing. Two people stand at the bottom of the plank. Caution is implied due to the setup.
u/desperate_growth4922/Via Reddit.com

“Is he trying to get a new hip? Cause that’s how grandpas get new hips!” – u/SNCOSEEKSTHICCLATINA

“Your grandpa is a genius, I can’t see any way this could end badly.” – u/DieHardAmerican95

16. “What’s the fastest way to get workers on a roof?”

A group of construction workers standing on a wooden plank elevated by a large forklift, with a portable toilet and another worker on the ground in the background. Trees and a wooden fence are visible, and the scene takes place on a gravel road.
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“You’ll have to toss me.” – u/Mclmaus

“Have they tried… a ladder?” – u/YesAmAThrowaway

17. “It would violate the regulation to operate without appropriate light”

A fluorescent LED tube light is hanging from a wooden ceiling. The light is connected to an electrical wire using metal wire clips. The background shows wooden beams and an unfinished ceiling structure.
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“Hey, using safety pins so it must be safe, right?” – u/knightsotor

“This is so brilliantly stupid, I love it!” – u/brainwater314

18. “How are they going to find the fault?”

A utility pole is cluttered with a mass of tangled wires, creating a chaotic appearance. The pole is situated near a crosswalk and a road with light traffic. A red car is parked nearby, and trees with green foliage are visible along the street.
u/mattieboi1/via reddit.com

“They don’t. Clearly they just keep the faulty line and add a new one to the jungle as god intended.” – u/DoomslayerDoesOPU

“I can’t see the fault in this design.” – u/reidzen

19. “EXIT”

The image shows a wall with a bricked-up door where an illuminated exit sign hangs above it. Beside the door, there are fire extinguishers, a fire hose, and a "Do Not Block" sign. Nearby are a metal staircase and a yellow-striped floor.

u/Eye-Miserable/via reddit.com

“Exit for the Kool-Aid Man” – u/RepresentativeKeebs

“Look for the secret lever. Maybe squeeze the handle on the fire extinguisher” – u/ALazy_Cat