19 Funny Rare Insults From People Who Held Nothing Back

There’s always going to be someone around who is ready to dish it out, but the real question is can you take it? Some people get incredibly creative and cutthroat when it comes to their insults. One thing is for sure, and that is that you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of any of these rare insults.

1. “Medium rare burn.”

A Twitter post showing a close-up of a sliced, rare-cooked steak on a wooden cutting board. The tweet asks for opinions on the steak, stating it was cooked for the first time. A reply below humorously asks if the steak was cooked under a heated argument.
u/itssamix/via reddit.com

“This is a cow that was just sunburnt.” – u/ZealousIdealpool772

“Hurry up and bring that thing to the vet! There still might be time.” – u/honeyhamster9

2. “The orange juice after toothpaste.”

A series of tweets discussing unconventional button layouts on a game controller. The original tweet shows a red controller with buttons differently colored and arranged. Replies express dislike, comparing it to "orange juice after toothpaste.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“It is legitimately confusing if you play on both.” – u/deleted

“The bottom button is jump on any game that isn’t Fallout or GTA, that’s just the rule.” – u/my_brutha_jon

3. “He’s out of line, but he’s right.”

A bookshelf filled with a variety of books and DVD sets. The top shelf features titles like "Harry Potter" and "Eragon," while the bottom shelf includes "Lord of the Rings" extended editions. A Reddit post visible below comments on the collection humorously.
u/shadyseptapus/via reddit.com

“I see Eragon on there and that’s all I need to know.” – u/Music1

“I really need to jump into the Magic The Gathering books. I’ve played for years, but never followed the story.” – u/Cont1ngency

4. “Man just made fun of the entire state.”

A social media post discussing independence at age 19 contrasts with a reply mocking the low cost of living in Indiana, humorously suggesting monthly costs there are minimal, like "2 dollars and a sack of corn.
u/empty-turnover9755/via reddit.com

“Man, I’m paying 3 sacks of corn. Where does this man live?” – u/deleted

“I went to college in Southern Indiana in the early 2000s. Got out and got a place. The nice apartments were like $450 a month.” – u/fellaz

5. “Elizabeth Holmes vibes.”

Three people, two women and one man, stand in black turtlenecks looking upward. A moon-like backdrop is behind them. The image text above reads, "Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey photographed by Martin Schoeller for Interstellar (2014)." The tweet below jokes, "They look like the founders of a startup that will end up in a senate hearing.
u/16ap/via reddit.com

“It’s the polo necks for me. Nobody wears them unless they’re advertising moisturizer or a pyramid scheme.” – u/henscastle

“This reminds me of the one Office episode where they were selling tablets.” – u/Noo

6. “Oh, they nailed it.”

A tweet by Doobus Goobus says: "The fact the Mythbusters have repeatedly said they were not friends, and only had this one interest of testing weird stuff, is both kinda funny and kinda sad." Below is a photo of the Mythbusters, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage.
u/makex201/via reddit.com

“Adam talks about this mischaracterization on his channel a few times. They weren’t friends. They were colleagues. Adam considers Jamie one of his mentors and has nothing but the utmost respect for him. The idea that they don’t like each other is completely false.” – u/toomanymarbles83

“Like Penn and Teller.” – u/camclemons

7. “Do house burns count?”

Screenshot of a tweet discussing a modern house that resembles a building from a 1999 strategy game when pixelated. Below the tweet, there's a side-by-side comparison with the house recreated in the style of an old game.
u/rustneverstops/via reddit.com

“You need more resources. Build another extractor.” – u/anonymous

“I love red alert. Best strategy game. My brother still hates me for sending an army of engineers and selling his base.” – u/AffectionateRealy

8. “Ubisoft didn’t mean one of their games.”

u/takepyr99/via reddit.com

“Dark Souls parry sound.” – u/Cynical-Basileus

“You say this, and with the next breath, you rush to buy Starfield early access.” – u/deleted

9. “Still one of the best.”

A Facebook conversation shows a grey Fiat Multipla car listed for £1,000. Someone named Billy asks if it's still available. Morgan responds yes, and Billy replies, "Not surprised." The car is parked on the street beside a wall with plants.
u/itsallgoodintheory/via reddit.com

“A Beluga with wheels.” – u/Nemaloth

“This car’s design is so unique, it’s practically a collector’s item, of bad decisions.” – u/UnluckyMongoose7509

10. “iPhone vs. Android.”

A meme comparing an animated lion cub representing Android and a realistic lion cub representing iPhone. Below, a comment reads, "It's funny because the iPhone's battery dies before Mufasa does," with engagement icons and reactions.
u/metalloid_emon/via reddit.com

“Considering people hated the remake, this pic can have two interpretations.” – u/CertifiedFlop

“That font should be a crime.” – u/chronically-iconic

11. “Not my Superman!”

Side-by-side images comparing two actors with similar features. The text states "David Corenswet has replaced Henry Cavill as Superman." Below the images, a tweet from Memezar reads, "When you want Henry Cavill but mom says we have Cenry Havill at home.
u/dax_nova/via reddit.com

“It’s almost like they were both cast as Superman because they both resemble Superman.” – u/EKRB7

“It all comes down to the jawline doesn’t it.” – u/ZappaZoo

12. “The poor lads never stood a chance.”

Three men are standing together on a rooftop with London landmarks in the background. The upper text says, "this is the most british picture i've ever seen" and the lower tweet reads, "there is not one lip in this whole photo".
u/ryleyan/via reddit.com

“That’s strange.” – u/abrasive

“It’s all cool and fun until Benedict starts talking about penguins.” – u/Dino

13. “ChatGPT giving out a free reality check.”

A conversation in a chat interface. The user asks, "What is the formula of area of circle?" ChatGPT responds, "You've been asking a lot of questions. Don't you attend classes?
u/deepakhn/via reddit.com

“It’s becoming self aware.” – u/Meaty

“First step toward AI taking over.” – u/Oof_Boy1290

14. “It was a publicity stunt.”

A tweet by The Today Show asks, "Did man really land on the moon in 1969 or was it all a publicity stunt? #9Today." A reply by Bob Blaskiewicz below states, "Hi there. It would take a team of 300,000 engineers working for nearly 10 years to design a vehicle to plumb the crushing depths of my disappointment in you right now.
u/locallyreferee/via reddit.com

“Scientists could scour the Arctic for centuries and they wouldn’t find an insult as cold.” – u/Outside_Carpenter_16

“It was faked on location.” – u/Ukvemsword

15. “Absolutely shredded.”

A social media post by user @Harper_Kelsey shows a couple posing together. The caption reads, "they tore this man to shreds for no reason.” Below the image is an article headline stating, "This study revealed that women are happier with ugly men.
u/sub5nightmare/via reddit.com

“If that’s ugly then I fear what they think about every guy.” – u/Jealous_Ring1935

“I don’t care what universe you’re from. That’s gotta hurt.” – u/DJCurrier92

16. “They aren’t wrong.”

A tweet from user "@a_toots" shows an image of Chris Pine with long, blond hair and wearing earphones, sitting in front of a microphone and nameplate that says "C. PINE." The tweet humorously claims Chris Pine resembles a former Wimbledon ladies' singles champion who now works as a tennis commentator.
u/theoppressor/via reddit.com

“His name would be Chrisanya Pinecova.” – u/GarrethGobbleCoque99

“Dude looks ready to criticize a backhand slice.” – u/Basic_Musician6806

17. “It actually does look like that.”

A humorous meme image comparing Kevin Durant's feet to Olive Garden breadsticks. The image is split into two parts: one side shows Durant sitting with another person shaking his hand, the other side has a close-up of Durant's feet in socks.
u/acceptable-glass1490/via reddit.com

“This cost him a trip to the finals a couple years back. He hit what looked like a game winning 3 pointer with one second left but his comically long foot was on the line.” – u/truffle

“How does he walk upstairs without tripping every time?” – u/BeardyCub86

18. “Might be the most British insult I’ve ever seen.”

A screenshot of a TikTok comment section. Mencius372 comments, "Tupperware? Looks like a takeaway food container." Skc responds, "That's exactly what tupperware is you upper class crumpet." The response has 3,220 likes. Other replies include various laughing emojis.
u/minimalstrength/via reddit.com

“You know nothing about Britain.” – u/deleted

“I’d have said Tupperware was upper class. Us bottom feeders use a bowl covered with tin foil.” – u/jwps28

19. “He just answered the question.”

A tweet from user @versusIII asks, "what y’all put on first when getting dressed?" A response reads, "My shirt," followed by another user's reply, "ok winnie the pooh," suggesting that wearing just a shirt resembles Winnie the Pooh's attire.
u/anonymous/via reddit.com

“Hat first, then socks, and I’m done.” – u/Merkin

“Pants always.” – u/VonBreak

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