70 Photos That Totally Sum up The ’70s

The 1970s was a magical and turbulent decade filled with cultural changes, musical innovation, political scandals, and blockbuster movies. We’ve tried to find a little bit of everything to touch on a lot of the decade’s beauty and hilarity, but obviously, it was a decade too huge to fit into only 70 photos. We also tried not to focus exclusively on the celebrities of the time, but of course, you can’t talk about the 1970s without some of the giants of the era. So jump into our time machine because we’re headed back to the 1970s.

“Dolly Parton in the 70s, offstage, relaxed, and looking simply angelic”

A woman with curly blonde hair, wearing a blue bandana, denim jacket, and hoop earrings, smiling while sitting inside a vehicle. The interior of the vehicle appears rustic, with visible controls and textures.

“My grandma in the 70s”

A collage of three vintage photographs of a woman with different hairstyles. In the first photo, she's seated at a table; in the second, she has a high bouffant hairstyle; in the third, she's outside smiling and holding a cup.

“My dad was a Canadian hippy in the 70s traveling the world. Here he is in the Middle East.”

A young man with long hair smiles at the camera, holding a small snake in his hand. He is surrounded by a group of people, some wearing hats, in an outdoor setting. The sky is overcast, and it appears to be a casual, possibly festive gathering.

“My brother, in the mid-70s, about to fly on an airplane for the first time.”

A young child wearing glasses, a red jacket, and a Cookie Monster shirt holds a Big Bird plush toy in one hand and a piece of paper in the other while standing indoors with a blurry crowd in the background.

“My dad before the prom. His brother is a professional photographer and got this legendary photo”

A group of seven young women in prom dresses pose around a white vintage convertible car. One young man in a suit sits on the driver's side door, which has a sign saying "SR. PROM OR BUST!!" The background is a plain white studio setting.

“My dads fishing license from the late 70s”

A fishing permit from the City of New York Department of Environmental Protection. The permit includes a black and white photo of a person with long hair and a mustache, along with a seal. Personal information appears to be redacted.

“My uncle Mart sometime in the 70s. Had no clue what that plant was until I was older”

A person with a beard, wearing a light-colored shirt and pants, stands barefoot in a garden with lush green foliage. They are standing next to a tall plant, reaching up with one arm to touch a string or line above them.

“Lynda Carter pre-Wonder Woman in the 70s”

Black and white photo of a woman with long, wavy hair wearing a striped, sleeveless top. She is posing with her arms bent and hands held in a slightly open position near her shoulders, with a neutral expression on her face. The background is plain.

“Came across this photo of my dad in the 70s with his mustang”

A man with curly hair, sunglasses, and a mustache stands barefoot on a paved area. He is wearing a black t-shirt and denim shorts. He is touching the trunk of a maroon vintage car, likely a Ford Mustang, with trees and a fence in the background.

“My mom and Arnold on a date in the 70s”

A man and a woman are standing side by side in this black and white photo. The man, dressed in a suit jacket and shirt, is smiling at the camera. The woman, with long hair and a white outfit, is looking slightly away from the camera.

“Getting serious helmet-less air in the San Fernando Valley circa mid-70s”

A young child is airborne on a bicycle, jumping over a makeshift ramp made of a board and a cinder block on a suburban street. A boy stands to the left watching, while a girl in a yellow dress sits on the grass nearby. A fence and houses are visible in the background.

“My Italian grandpa’s selfie with his dog in the 70s”

Black and white photo of a man with eyes closed and mouth open, standing in a dirt area. Behind him, there is a dog sniffing the ground, clothes hanging on a line, old buildings, and trees in the distance. The image has a candid, humorous feel.

“My dad right before breaking his collar bone on my uncle’s bike, that he took without asking”

Black and white image of a person in mid-air performing a motorcycle jump. The rider wears a checkered shirt and jeans, riding a dirt bike on a rugged terrain with a clear sky background. The scene captures the high-flying action and thrill of the jump.

“My uncle Nick used to look exactly like Ryan Reynolds when he was a West Virginia coal miner in the 70s”

A man wearing a white t-shirt and cap is sitting on the ground next to an old green pickup truck. He is holding three small puppies in his lap and smiling. There's a thermos and a lunchbox on the ground beside him.

“My grandad in the 70s on the set of Star Wars in Tunisia preparing food for the crew”

An older man wearing a beige sweater and cap sits at a table in a rustic setting. The table is covered with food items, including a bottle, fruit, and bread. The wall behind him appears to be made of textured white plaster. Various kitchen items are scattered around.

“My mom at her first job in the late 70s looking a lot like Paris Hilton”

Smiling woman with blonde hair sits at a desk in an office, wearing a blue-striped blouse. An old computer monitor and a typewriter are on her desk. A person with back turned is visible in the background. The setting appears to be from the 1980s.

“My dad and his partner while they were undercover. This picture was taken after they stopped a bank robbery”

Two men with beards and long hair walk side by side in an outdoor setting, both dressed in casual layered clothing, including jackets and hats. The background shows a brick wall and a wooden door. The image is in black and white, giving it a vintage feel.

“New York in the 70s”

A busy city street scene with numerous people walking past storefronts. The buildings are adorned with signs advertising various shops, including clothing and hat stores. Clothes are displayed on racks outside the shops, and fire escapes are visible on the buildings.

“Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland, the definition of Old School Cool”

A couple holds hands while walking outdoors. The man has a mustache, wears a T-shirt, and slacks. The woman has long blonde hair, wears a crop top tied at the waist, and patterned pants. Palm trees and people are visible in the background.

“Weird Al Yankovic in Puerto Rico in the early 70s”

A young person with curly red hair and glasses is relaxing on a white couch, sipping a drink through a curly straw inserted into a coconut. The person is wearing a dark shirt and appears to be deep in thought or simply enjoying the drink.

“Muhammad Ali letting his fans win fights in the 60s-70s”

A black and white collage features four boxing-related images. A young boy pretends to knock down a boxer in a ring. A man in a suit playfully interacts with two men. Two children sparring, with one triumphant and a boxer kneeling beside them.

“My dad in the 70s doing what he loves. Father to 4 boys. More man than myth or legend”

A skier in mid-air performing a trick. The skier is shirtless, wearing black shorts, red socks, and red ski boots. They are holding ski poles and their skis are crossed. There is a snowy mountain with a treeline in the background under a clear sky.

“My 17-year-old uncle’s junior yearbook photo in the 70s”

A man with curly hair and a mustache is posing for a portrait. He is wearing a grey blazer over a white shirt with a wide, pointed collar. The background is a warm, mottled brown.

“Phil Collins in the 70s looking like he would be the hottest indie hip hop artist in 2018”

A bearded man wearing a gray zip-up hoodie and a red cap stands against a plain white background. His hoodie is partially unzipped, revealing part of his chest. He has a pensive expression and his hands are clasped in front of him.

“My late father at age 18 in the late 70s”

A young person with long hair sits on the hood of a green vintage car, wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. The driver's side door is open. There are two other cars, a white car and a light-colored car, parked nearby. Trees and grass are in the background.

“Carrie Fisher in the late 70s”

A woman with light brown hair tied in a ponytail poses on the floor against a plain backdrop. She is wearing an off-shoulder beige top and beige shorts. She is seated with one knee bent and the other leg stretched out, supporting her weight with one arm.

“The Runaways in the late 70s”

Four women pose confidently on a sidewalk in an urban setting with trees and buildings in the background. Three have long hair, and one has short, black hair. They wear casual 1970s-era clothing, including flared jeans and graphic t-shirts.

“Mom’s senior portrait in the 70s”

A framed portrait of a young woman with long blonde hair, wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat and a dark top with floral patterns. She is smiling subtly and looking directly at the camera. The background appears to be an outdoor setting with soft lighting.

“My dad rockin the heck out of those bell bottoms in the late 70s. Shaggin Wagon included”

A man with a beard and long hair stands in front of a black van with the side door open. He is wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and sandals. The scene is set in a suburban area with trees, grass, and brick buildings in the background.

“My uncle fighting Jackie Chan in the 70s”

Two men are playfully mock-fighting outdoors. The man on the left, shirtless in blue shorts, is grabbing the neck of the man on the right, who is wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. Both have expressive faces, and a rustic building and cart are visible in the background.

“Michelle Pfeiffer in the late 70s”

Black and white photo of a woman with long, straight hair, looking off to the side. She has a thoughtful expression, with light falling softly on her face and a blurred background.

“My dad in Saudi Arabia in the 70s working as a US military contractor diving in the Red Sea”

A person with long hair and a beard is holding an old-fashioned diving helmet, standing outdoors. The individual is dressed in a brown diver's suit. In the background, there are electrical poles, palm trees, and an industrial setting under a clear sky.

“My grandpa (in the middle) with some of his army buddies at a bar in the 70s”

Three men are smiling and posing together in a room with a wooden bar and various bottles behind them. The man in the center is pointing towards the camera, while the other two are dressed in casual and military attire, respectively. The mood is jovial and relaxed.

“My dad who still rides dirt bikes will always be the coolest guy I’ll ever know”

A bearded man wearing sunglasses, denim shorts, and sandals sits on a red three-wheeler in an outdoor area with a camper and trees in the background. The atmosphere appears warm and sunny.

“Roller Girl (70s)”

A person with long, flowing blonde hair roller skates on a tennis court wearing a white tube top, high-waisted shorts, and knee-high socks. The background features red, white, and blue balloons and spectators sitting on benches.

“The funny-looking kid #10 changed his last name to Cruise and did okay”

A black and white photo showing a group of young football players in uniform, sitting and standing in rows for a team picture. They are all wearing jerseys with numbers and football helmets are placed in front of them.

“My dad in the 70s”

A person wearing a plaid outfit and a beret sits on the hood of a vintage red sports car in a parking lot. A wooden fence and trees are visible in the background.

“Clubbin’ in the 70s”

A woman in a sheer, patterned bodysuit energetically poses while holding her hair above her head in a lively nightclub setting. She is surrounded by seated individuals, some holding drinks, and the atmosphere appears vibrant and celebratory.

“My dad chatting with some kids by his police cruiser in the early 70s”

A police officer stands next to a patrol car, engaging in conversation with four children. The children, dressed in casual summer clothing with striped socks, appear engaged and happy. In the background, there are trees and a brick building. The image is in black and white.

“Alice Cooper meets Colonel Sanders in the early 70s”

A black-and-white photo of an elderly man in a white suit, white shirt, black tie, and glasses, standing next to a younger man with long hair, wearing a denim jacket and accessorized with necklaces and bracelets, smiling and standing near a table with plates and cups.

“My dad (front) in Vietnam in 1971. Didn’t know this photo existed until I came across it randomly on the internet. he cried when he saw it”

Soldiers in military uniforms and helmets ride atop armored vehicles in a rugged, wooded area. The leader in the foreground wears communication gear, while others around him hold weapons and various equipment, indicating a wartime or training scenario.

“Arrested protestors of the Vietnam war in 1971”

A young woman with a sling on her arm flashes a peace sign while standing next to a bus. To her right, a man in a leather jacket and hat is raising his right arm. In the foreground, a person in a police uniform is partially visible.

“I thought he was born with gray hair. Steven Martin in 1971”

A man with long hair and a beard is wearing a black jacket adorned with large, ornamental conchos and a decorative belt. He is holding a banjo. The photo is in black and white.

“Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka) talking with Jack Albertson (Grandpa Joe) on the studio lot during the filming of Willy Wonka”

Two men are conversing beside a parked car. One man is seated inside the car, leaning out of the window, engaged in conversation with the other man who is standing and leaning on the car roof. There is scaffolding and construction equipment in the background.

“Hollywood sign prank in 1976”

Black-and-white photo of the Hollywood sign edited to read "Hollyweed." The letters are positioned on a hillside with foliage visible below, and the change to the text was done by altering the "O"s to resemble "E"s.

“13-year-old Melanie Griffith with her pet lion Neil in 1971”

A young woman sleeps peacefully in bed, facing a lion resting beside her under the same covers. The lion has its paw gently touching her arm. The room is decorated with various personal items and photos, creating a cozy yet unusual scene.

“My uncle (far right) in 1972”

Four men stand on a city street in front of tall buildings. They are dressed in colorful 1970s attire, including flared pants, scarves, and jackets. The background shows a bustling urban environment with cars and pedestrians.

“1972 ABC Friday Night TV listing”

A newspaper TV guide featuring six TV shows: "Bewitched," "Room 222," "The Odd Couple," "The Brady Bunch," "The Partridge Family," and "Love American Style." Each show has a brief description, listing time slots, and featuring cast photos.

“Lyndon Johnson post-presidency with longer hair during an interview in August 1972”

An elderly man with grey hair and glasses is wearing a red shirt. He appears to be speaking or reacting to something, with his mouth slightly open and a serious expression on his face. The background is out of focus.

“John Wayne dressed as the Easter Bunny in 1972 on Laugh-In”

A man in a large, fluffy bunny costume stands on stage with a woman smiling and reaching up to embrace him. The woman is standing on a chair to reach the man's shoulders. The background features colorful, retro-style decor.

Star Wars Opening day May 25th, 1977

A large crowd gathers outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre for the premiere of a "Star Wars" movie. The iconic theater marquee, featuring the film's title, is prominently displayed. The street is bustling with people excitedly awaiting entry.

“Grandma was a punk (1977)”

A person with dramatic eye makeup and short hair is standing against a dark wall. They are wearing a choker, layered necklaces, and a furry top, and are holding a cigarette in their right hand. Their attire includes a belt with chains and a dark jacket.

“Chris Farley’s hockey team portrait from 1977 at age 13”

A young hockey player, wearing a red "Lakers" uniform with protective gear and skates, poses on the ice rink. He is holding a hockey stick and standing in front of a goal net, smiling at the camera.

“Gene Simmons with his mother backstage in 1977”

A woman excitedly poses next to a man dressed in an elaborate rock costume, complete with face paint, spikes, and leather. The pair stand in a corridor, with the man appearing in character with an outstretched tongue and dramatic facial expression.

“Darth Vader showing off his 1977 Toyota Celica to R2-D2 and C-3PO”

Darth Vader, R2-D2, and C-3PO stand by a car with its hood up, revealing a Star Wars graphic. They are in front of the Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation building.

“Steve Martin hosting the Muppet Show was a highlight of my waning childhood”

A smiling man holding a banjo stands in the center of a group of colorful puppets from The Muppet Show. The background features red theater seats and stage curtains. The puppets include Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and others.

“Woman grocery shopping in 1974”

A woman with short curly hair and a checkered dress smiles while pushing a shopping cart filled with groceries. The cart contains items like cereal boxes, crackers, and canned goods. She stands in a brightly lit grocery store aisle lined with shelves.

“Jane Goodall with her favorite Chimpanzee, David Greybeard, 1974”

A person sits on the ground next to a chimpanzee. The person, wearing a light-colored shirt and shorts, gently touches the chimpanzee's shoulder while the chimpanzee eats a banana and sits on a wooden crate. The background is a natural outdoor setting.

“J.C. Penny ad from 1974”

Four men wear 1970s fashion outfits featuring colorful patterns and flared pants. The first wears a red shirt and patterned pants, the second wears a striped jacket and plaid pants, the third wears a purple shirt and dark pants, and the fourth wears a vest and plaid pants.

“Ozzy Osbourne, 1974”

A person with long brown hair and blue eyes is posing for a photo with their hand resting on their chin. They are wearing a light brown button-up shirt and several necklaces. The background is softly lit with natural light coming through a window.

“Our Aunt on a dirt bike in 1974”

A person with long hair, wearing a floral crop top and denim shorts, is sitting on a vintage motorcycle in a grassy area with trees in the background. They are smiling and appear to be adjusting their hair.

“Captain of my neighborhood in 74”

A young child wearing a large hat is seated on a tricycle in a suburban area. The child smiles at the camera, and there are houses, trees, and a parked car in the background. It appears to be a sunny day.

“John Wayne introducing his song to Joe Namath”

A man in patterned pants shakes hands with a boy in a striped shirt and vest as an older man in a cowboy hat and jacket looks on smiling. The three of them are standing in front of a rustic wooden building.

“High schoolers in 1976”

A group of young people, mostly men, pose casually with arms crossed or leaning on a white convertible car parked outdoors. Some are sitting on the hood, and there's a mini bike beside the car. They all wear casual 1970s attire, including jeans, t-shirts, and headbands.

“Andre The Giant in 1976”

A large man in a white shirt sits at a bar counter talking to a woman in a purple turtleneck sweater. A glass of wine is in front of him. The bar has shelves with glasses and bottles in the background. A poster and a lamp are on the wall behind them.

“Harlem, 1976”

A young boy wearing sunglasses and a tracksuit leans against a barricade in front of a building entrance. He holds a soda cup and bag of popcorn. The setting appears to be a vintage movie theater with a tiled ticket booth and a well-lit interior.

“Monty Python, 1976”

A black and white photo of four individuals standing in front of a building. They have their jackets pulled over their heads, giving them a hunched, humorous appearance. Each person has their hands dangling loosely, adding to the comedic effect.

“My mom working as a DJ in 1979”

A person with short blonde hair is sitting in a relaxed manner at a desk, with their legs up on a chair, in a radio station or recording studio. They are wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. Various audio equipment and a calendar are visible in the background.

“My uncle on the set of Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian'”

A man with wild, gray, frizzy hair and a thick mustache stands in front of a film set with stone buildings and large production lights. He is wearing a tattered beige outfit. In the background, another man and a donkey can be seen.

“George Strait playing my aunt’s wedding in 1976. He and the band were paid $500”

A bride and groom share their first dance at a wedding. The bride wears a white dress and veil, while the groom is in a gray suit. A live band with five members, including a drummer and guitarist, performs in the background. The venue has carpeted floors and beige walls.

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