19 of the Strangest Things People Found Found In Their Walls

Don’t get any crazy ideas. You might, and that’s understandable because some of these people had literal treasures hiding behind the walls of their homes. It’s at least fun to daydream for a while if you’re caught up in a particularly tough rut, about what kinds of riches could be hanging out behind your wall. Maybe some gold coins. Maybe a prized throwback jersey or baseball bat or mitt that has massively climbed the ranks in selling value. You never know.

1. “Abandoned beehive found in walls while renovating.”

A cluster of honeycombs attached to wooden beams in an indoor setting, surrounded by debris and damaged insulation. The honeycombs appear dry and abandoned, and the overall scene looks neglected and in disrepair.
u/ugotbailed/via reddit.com

“Could be used to make some cool art. Maybe framed or in resin.” – u/CaveJohnsonOfficial

“Just a side note. That’ll still be good to eat.” – u/wainstones

2. “1896 penny found in the wall of my old house during a renovation.”

Close-up image of a hand holding a worn 1863 U.S. Indian Head penny. The coin features the profile of Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress and exhibits significant wear and tear, particularly around the edges, with a noticeable chunk missing.
u/jimfromcopper/via reddit.com

“If you take it out. You’ve gotta replace it with a wheat penny for the next lucky person.” – u/weirdgroovynerd

“Worth around $300 mint, but $20-$30 on the low end.” – u/magnament

3. “1977 McDonald’s Christmas trash found in the wall of our home.”

A hidden compartment in a wall reveals old McDonald's packaging, including cups, bags, and food containers amidst dust and debris. The items appear to be vintage, dating back to a previous era of the company's branding.
u/nyratevoli/via reddit.com

“I remember as a kid when burgers came in styrofoam.” – u/Bluedogan

“Check the bag! Burgers and fries are still good for at least another 20 years.” – u/rollercoaster_5

4. “Found perfectly preserved cans inside of a wall I was demolishing.”

Three vintage soda cans are displayed on a wooden surface. From left to right: a Grape Crush can, a Canada Dry can, and a Pepsi can. Each can has distinct branding and design from an earlier era.
u/seewhateyesee/via reddit.com

“I’ve never seen that style of grape Crush can before. Cool.” – u/kirklandlakesteve

“Canada Dry and that Pepsi. I know people would pay a lot for them.” – u/alexander-jerry

5. “Found a safe behind a wall in a house that was being demolished.”

A brick chimney with visible damage is all that remains of a structure, surrounded by forest. The surrounding area is filled with debris and partially broken walls. The background features trees and a partly cloudy sky.
u/bendistraw/via reddit.com

“What’s in the box!” – u/Rusty_Pickle85

“You found their safe room.” – u/adinmem

6. “Beautiful drawing found behind a wall while renovating our bathroom.”

An old, partially demolished bathroom with a visible mural of a coastal town with boats on the water. The mural, possibly damaged during the demolition, features buildings, boats, and water. Debris and dirt are scattered around the bathtub and floor.
u/yerkab/via reddit.com

“You should keep that.” – u/deleted

“Looks like a hint to a hidden treasure. Better get Nicolas Cage on the case.” – u/balgruffivancrone

7. “I opened a ventilation cavity and found old love letters bound by a string.”

A hand holds a bundle of old, handwritten letters tied together with brown string. The background features a red, patterned carpet and the lower part of a wooden table with books stacked on a shelf underneath.
u/rex2525/via reddit.com

“I’m gonna need you to put those back. I only read them while you’re asleep.” – u/42_Is_The_Answr

“These are a few of my favorite things.” – u/Gregarious

8. “I found a drawing of a lovely baby dragon.”

An image shows a small, green dragon sculpture peeking out from two adjacent bricks in a brick wall. The dragon's head and part of its body emerge from the gaps, giving the illusion that it is slithering out of the wall.
u/tabletopcomposer/via reddit.com

“That’s the iguana from Magic School Bus.” – u/donpuglisi

“Liz looks so sad.” – u/deleted

9. “Found this inside the wall of my hallway after living here for 46 years.”

A framed painting of a bearded man's face with a solemn expression is mounted on a small ledge in a room with striped wallpaper and white tiled walls. The painting has a dark, moody tone.
u/beginningsir2984/via reddit.com

“I would search the frame behind the picture to see if there’s anything hidden behind there.” – u/Inevitable_Shift1365

“That’s straight outta Ghostbusters.” – u/Rare_Environment_277

10. “Found in a wall.”

A worn vintage one dollar bill featuring a portrait of George Washington in the center. The bill has text saying "United States" and "One Dollar" and is marked with red serial numbers "2946590" in the corners. The edges appear frayed and tattered.
u/no_Conversation4896/via reddit.com

“Very nice. Worth roughly $250-$300 in that condition.” – u/Southern

“Dated 1860. Very well preserved. Wear gloves.” – u/Leather_Client8968

11. “Found this doll in a wall above my front door.”

A worn-out, vintage doll dressed in a tattered red dress is propped up on a white plastic chair. The doll appears to have damage on its dress and legs, with some missing features and an overall weathered appearance. The background shows a dark, indistinct surface.
u/optiplex7546/via reddit.com

“If I found that doll in the walls of my house I would burn the whole house down and run away.” – u/leanney88

“This is how you end up getting a curse on you. I’m pretty sure.” – u/aquoad

12. “Found in a wall.”

A close-up of three vintage hockey trading cards on a wooden surface. The top card features Bob Bourne of the New York Islanders. Beneath it, a card of Tom Rowe from the Washington Capitals. To the left, partially shown, is another card featuring a player from the Chicago Blackhawks.
u/trashpandaunlimited/via reddit.com

“I’d probably have kept the structural integrity they were providing.” – u/LeLupe

“Sorry I took a bite out of your cards. I was just so hungry stuck in that wall.” – u/Stinkydadman

13. “Found behind a wall.”

A sepia-toned portrait of a woman from the late 19th or early 20th century. She is wearing a high-necked dress with puffed sleeves and a lace collar. Her hair is pulled back tightly. The portrait is displayed in an ornate, dark wood frame with gilded trim.
u/thevintagelife/via reddit.com

“Don’t mess with this woman!” – u/Wolfman1961

“Someone must’ve added glow in the dark paint in modern times. It’s really interesting.” – u/marzipan

14. “Found in our wall.”

A hand is holding an old, worn checkbook open to a page with handwritten financial entries. The page lists transaction details such as dates, amounts deposited, and check numbers from 1968. The checkbook is held in front of a kitchen setting with a tiled floor and cabinetry.
u/intelligent_debt3927/via reddit.com

“Carnation milk. Aww, milk delivery.” – u/sillinessvalley

“Check stub book.” – u/BoiledDaisy

15. “Found in the wall during renovation.”

A pegboard with a rendered image of a smiling woman created using densely arranged pegs. There is a blue and yellow crowbar placed horizontally at the bottom, and a blue crowbar with a black handle placed horizontally at the top of the pegboard.
u/queasyturtle/via reddit.com

“Thank you technology for improving all the time.” – u/NorthvilleCoeur

“Please tell me you framed this and hung it on a wall. This is art!” – u/nine79

16. “Found in the wall in the dining room.”

A close-up of a weathered, broken piece of wall plaster with a faded floral pattern. The piece rests on a wooden surface, with one smaller fragment lying separately above it. The floral design appears delicate and timeworn.
u/legendarygaryiswary/via reddit.com

Honestly though. Maybe see about getting a whole room outfitted with this rustic wallpaper. Might as well just go for it.

17. “Found in the wall during the house renovation.”

A vintage beer label features a crest with a knight on a horse holding a shield bearing "HB Co." The text reads “Homa and Bavarian Special.” The bottom text reads “Hagen-Becker Company, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth.” The label is bordered by an ornate design.

“The WWPCM site suggests 1925 or 1927. Both dates were well within the prohibition era, and it would seem that they were advertising brewing supplies rather than the actual liquid itself.” – u/jhindenberg

Talk about a throwback of a wall find. You’ve just got to wonder how it ended up there in the first place.

18. “Found an old Monopoly set in the walls of my 1925 house.”

A vintage Monopoly game set is displayed, featuring a worn game box, various game pieces, property cards, Chance and Community Chest cards, paper money in different denominations, wooden houses and hotels, and the instruction manual.
u/murphman84/via reddit.com

“It was the only way to keep peace in the family.” – u/LargeMonty

“If Jumanji taught me anything it’s that a board game found in the walls should stay in the walls.” – u/break_me_down

19. “I found this in my walls.”

A person holds a small illustrated book titled "The Sleeping Beauty." The cover shows a person with a crown, dressed in red, standing over a sleeping figure. The cover has a green background and slightly worn edges. The book rests on the person's lap.
u/silent_ad8198/via reddit.com

The real pressing question is just how old this actually is? It’s gotta to be up there. That’s for sure.

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