20 Hysterical Dumb Dumbs We Marveled At This Week

Not everyone is operating on the same frequency. In fact, some people are so terrifyingly clueless it’s a wonder that they’re able to “operate” at all. These dumb-dumbs are in a league of awe-inspiring mindlessness of their own. If you’ve ever been miserably entrenched in a conversation with someone who reminds you of anyone, anyone at all, from this list, we feel for you.

1. “Normal people are exhausting to be around when you’re so deep.”

A social media post reads: "'Normies' are exhausting to be around for an extended period of time because I have to watch myself and make sure I'm not saying anything too deep or weird for them 😂 It’s like paddling in the shallow end and not being allowed to dive underwater.
u/haloarh/via reddit.com

“Having a social intelligence deficit is not virtuous.” – u/Hundo

“Immediately follows it up with a deep and weird laughter emoji.” – u/Harsimaja

2. “Don’t know who asked, but cool.”

A screenshot of a social media comment saying: "Or what a wise man once said: 'To smell the roses, you sometimes have to endure the manure.' Author: me 😆 Seriously 😔" The comment was posted 2 weeks ago and has 12 likes.
u/honest_fault/via reddit.com

“That’s so deep that the author would be out of their depth in a parking lot puddle.” – u/berserk539

“Cringe.” – u/nateblack

3. “Don’t watch Barbie. Read a banned book instead.”

An illustrated image shows a cartoon figure lounging on a pool float. The background features vibrant pool toys, fruit slices, and water. A message reads: "Rich's mind is marked safe from needless exposure to the Barbie movie. Read a banned book instead!
u/louis83/via reddit.com

“Right, wouldn’t want to rot your brain watching a movie. Go to Facebook instead.” – u/OneSmoothCactus

“Do both things.” – u/epithemeus

4. “Very very smart.”

A screenshot of a social media comment. The comment reads, "This was the easiest thing ever. As a math person in 8th grade I guess I can go to Harvard lmao." The comment has 1261 likes and 38 replies. The profile picture is a green circular icon with "TMC" on it.
u/challengephysical455/via reddit.com

“I mean, to be fair, Harvard has lost so much credibility I probably could to. Provided enough cash to afford it.” – u/eviltoaster

“Harvard will require a lot more understanding than basic 8th grade math, kid.” – u/usernot_found

5. “At least I’m not one of those 131’s.”

A social media post features a person's profile picture and username, both obscured. The post with colored heart emojis reads: "I'd say it's a great example of critical thinking skills. We had our IQ's tested long ago. Mine is higher at 136, which annoyed me because that's only four points off an official genius. But at least it's closer than 131...
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“I love this imaginary universe where everyone knows their exact IQ scores and it matters so much.” – u/stu

“So intelligent. Yet, she doesn’t understand how to write plurals.” – u/Absolute

6. “Guy spends his days reading revolutionary theories.”

A screenshot shows a comment with 7.1K likes. The comment reads: "Lol I’m 18 years old, most people my age watch love island but I spend my days reading up on revolutionary theories and powerful Ted x talks. I think as human it is our duty to utilise our phenomenal".
u/islender/via reddit.com

“TED Talks is mostly feel good make yourself a wonderful person dribble.” – u/cecilmeyer

“There are lots of revolutionary theories about our phenomenal.” – u/Veblen1

7. “What is the dumbest thing anyone has ever said to you.”

A Facebook comment thread. The first comment reads, "Those who can't do, teach." The reply says, "I do and teach just fine." Another comment states, "As a student I had better reading comprehension than 90% of my teachers... The saying stands," with 26 likes.
u/anthiss/via reddit.com

“I used to be this kid, and then someone pointed out that correcting a lecturer in front of the class was a bad move. So, I stopped.” – u/Fire_exit_this_way

“Okay, but genuinely my English teacher always said guillotine wrong and it annoyed me to no end.” – u/NewChard2213

8. “Someone tried to be smart in the comments.”

A Casio calculator and a smartphone both display the equation 6 ÷ 2(2+1). The calculator shows the answer as 1, while the smartphone shows the answer as 9. A caption below reads "It literally hurts me to see people saying it's 9. The answer is 1. Brackets first.
u/lekaseta/via reddit.com

“This is just generally a poorly written problem.” – u/kvothetyrion

“As someone who does math for a living, this makes me really sad.” – u/deleted

9. “This guy plays chess.”

A social media post featuring a photograph of an elderly woman in a magenta outfit walking in a church-like setting, accompanied by a clergyman. The caption reads, "Be aware she can move in any direction," referencing a chess queen.
u/thecapedcrusader27/via reddit.com

“I love checkers.” – u/thinkB4weSpeak

“Chess isn’t really considered a smart people hobby. So, this isn’t really him being smart.” – u/deleted

10. “Doe, a deer, a female deer!”

A blurred image of a deer appears on a live news broadcast with the caption "JANE DOE - A Deer, A Female Deer." Below, a comment reads: "As an educated person, I appreciate the 'Jane Doe' deer joke. Clever editing." The commenter has been anonymized.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Wow, as an uneducated person, I thought the deer’s name really was Jane!” – u/rayshmayshmay

“That’s not what editing means.” – u/NoMomo

11. “On a video about an Oblivion remake.”

A screenshot shows a social media post stating, "People with high IQs and free time should be out solving real-world issues, not remaking old games. My two cents." The post has one like and one dislike. The name of the poster is obscured with blue ink.
u/trapped_mechanic/via reddit.com

“That’s a stupid opinion but he’s not claiming to be the smart one.” – u/MrTritonis

“Real world issues are already solved. But no one wants to pay for the solutions. Might as well game until the world burns.” – u/imPaprik

12. “Come on guys, he’s just trying to be helpful.”

A screenshot of a social media comments section. The first comment says, “Glass doesn’t explode, it shatters.” The second comment sarcastically replies, “Super helpful right now, thanks.” The third comment responds, “Just trying to help out people with lower than average IQ’s. So you’re welcome.”
u/peterpanda/via reddit.com

“I thought people with high IQs would know how to pluralize.” – u/JustDroppedBytoSay

“The pretentiousness is strong with this one.” – u/chaoticidealism

13. “Guy assumes he’s smart because he can make an Excel spreadsheet.”

A screenshot of a YouTube comment thread. The first comment reads, "The employer was probably just: 'Yep. Another Gen Z applicant...'" The second comment reacts passionately against stereotypes about their age group, discussing their professional knowledge and skills in detail.
u/labyrinthodontia/via reddit.com

“You don’t understand. I can’t speak with my peers who are slightly younger than me. This makes me highly employable.” – u/Panndademic

“To be fair, I’ve met a lot of people who don’t know how to use Excel.” – u/Anonynominous

14. “Can’t sleep again.”

A social media post reads: "When it's 4am and you can't fall back to sleep because your contemplating if the speed of light took 0 time one way and twice as long then other to travel, would it be undetected due to time dilation and space contraction, and what that would mean for causality of light traveling from the edge of the universe if going on the infinite direction". Below the post are options to Like, Comment, and Message.
u/heatdish1292/via reddit.com

“Word salad activate!” – u/jdehjdeh

“Twice as long as zero is still zero.”– u/OJStrings

15. “He’s currently taking remedial algebra at a community college.”

A social media post reads: "Can't sleep. Mind full of equations I'm inventing." followed by the hashtags #mathstudent, #algebra, #college. The post shows options to Like, Comment, and Share, with 46 reactions including likes, laughs, and hearts.
u/sirerexyun/via reddit.com

“I’m just glad they’re stoked on math.” – u/rat395

“Everybody step back. I need to focus. I’m inventing!” – u/Haky00

16. “He was but 10 years old and realized this.”

A meme with two side-by-side images from the film "Jumanji." The left shows a man in a suit, and the right shows the same actor dressed as a hunter. The top text reads, "It took me 23 years to realize that the dad in Jumanji was also the hunter." Below is a Facebook comment expressing surprise at this realization.
u/helpmeimphat/via reddit.com

“One of the Peter Pan movies also does this by giving the role of the father and Captain Hook to the same actor.” – u/Jaibamon

“I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t realize this until now.” – u/MarieJo94

17. “Not even the elementary schools are safe from them.”

A handwritten note on lined paper reads: "I'll be famous one day but for now I'm stuck in 2nd grade with a bunch of morons." The handwriting appears to be that of a young child.
u/legless_dog/via reddit.com

“This is literally right out of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” – u/lokiapologist

“Kids get a pass. Especially hilarious kids like this one.” – u/deleted

18. “I really hope my friend was being sarcastic with these messages.”

A text message conversation is shown. One person says they took an IQ test and claims to be superior. The other questions believing it from a website. The first person affirms, and the other responds, "Oh no.
u/dawniepie/via reddit.com

“I am superior!” – u/deleted

“Your messages look cool though.” – u/dan2580

19. “No time for culture.”

Screenshot of a Facebook post dated May 5 at 2:13 PM. The post reads: "Please don’t complain to me about how life is so horrible because you can’t watch GOT the day it comes out… I’m over here calculating the Big Bang probabilities, so your crisis is literally too minuscule in the scope of things." The post has laughing and crying emojis at the end, 18 likes, and 5 comments.
u/strongbowpowers/via reddit.com

“Little does he know that all Game of Thrones fans are also calculating the very same possibilities.” – u/nonglory

“Physicist here. I have no idea what he’s talking about.” – u/Calzel

20. “I want to delete his account.”

Screenshot of a Facebook post that reads, "How many presidents from United States an average US citizen know? I'm from Europe and i know 25 of them" followed by a like button clicked once and an icon showing 5 comments. The timestamp was covered with black ink.
u/smaldoneo/via reddit.com

“I initially read this as meaning he knows them personally. It was much better that way.” – u/trouvant

“What a fool. A true genius would know that the US only has had one president.” – u/Delduca

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