18 Kind Coworkers Who Deserve Promotions For Their Wholesome Gifts

While plenty of people have shifted from having to go to physical offices to instead being able to work from home, there are still plenty of people who still have to make that “actual commute.” These coworkers and the levels of their kindness know no bounds. Whether it was making a thoughtful joke or just going all out on providing an especially thoughtful gift, we can only hope that these people’s immensely kind coworkers secured themselves some raises.

1. “I asked my coworkers to not do huge decorations on my desk.”

A decorated office cubicle shelf with miniature items including two "Happy Birthday" signs, a small birthday cake with a candle, a wrapped gift, and tiny colorful tassel garlands. A keyboard, mouse, and Plantronics box are partially visible on the upper shelf.
u/jester_kat/via reddit.com

“I love this! I love that they respected your wishes, but still wanted to recognize you.” – u/BunnersMcGee

“Your coworkers are good at obeying instructions. I give them 10/10.” – u/Mistress_Ivyy

2. “4 years of sobriety! My coworkers got me clean stuff.”

A smiling employee in a red shirt and ID badge is seated at a checkout counter, holding a container filled with various items such as cleaning supplies and toiletries. The background shows a store interior with shelves and other staff members.
u/better_draft_1270/via reddit.com

“Well done!” – u/deleted

“So sweet of them! Congrats my friend!” – u/OddlyIlluminated

3. “Birthday haul from the most considerate coworkers in the world.”

A kitchen countertop with various items arranged: a pizza oven with a peel, a box of Kerrygold butter, a bag of 00 pizza flour, and a box of DDR5 memory, with a window in the background.
u/notsoaverage/via reddit.com

“They even gave you a mesh disc. I love mesh discs!” – u/_Becquerel

“How lovely must you be to have coworkers gift you so well.” – u/tuwts

4. “My coworkers all came together and gave me the money to finally legally change my name for my birthday.”

A person wearing a black cap and gray shirt smiles while holding a card featuring a hot dog with birthday decor. A cake with lit candles spelling "Birthday" and an Oreo on top is on the table in front of them. The background includes a lighted Christmas tree.
u/not_a_cowboy_2003/via reddit.com

“This is so lovely! So tell us, what name did you choose?” – u/DCDeviant

“It’s Matthew!” – u/Not_A_Cowboy_2003

5. “My coworker brought her day old lamb into work.”

A small, white lamb sits on a gray blanket in an indoor setting, against a metal background. The lamb has large ears and a soft, fluffy coat with a few dark spots. It appears to be looking directly at the camera with a gentle expression.
u/spnvettech/via reddit.com

“The cutest thing I’ve seen today. And this smile makes me so happy!” – u/Janine_18

“Please please please tell me the coworker’s name is Mary.” – u/Swibirun

6. “My coworkers brought cake and food for my birthday since I don’t have anyone to celebrate it with.”

A restaurant's booth is set up for a celebration with "Happy Birthday" balloons attached to the table. The table has foil trays of food, a rectangular frosted cake, plastic utensils, and a decoration in the center. A large photo of vegetables is on the wall.
u/purgatorybob1986/via reddit.com

“I love that!” – u/allargandofurtado

“I don’t even have coworkers. Count your blessings.” – u/KingR

7. “My coworkers gave me a little surprise on my last day of work.”

A banner with colorful triangular flags spelling out "GOOD LUCK, RABIN!" is hung on a light blue wall. Below it, on a countertop, there are folders, trays with sushi rolls, a fruit container, and a black box.
u/whisplow/via reddit.com

“Cool name!” – u/deleted

“Allow me to second that!” – u/technicallyimright

8. “Just my coworkers being super cute on a difficult day.”

A computer monitor displaying a sticky note with a hand-drawn smiling sun and the handwritten message "Good morning sunshine." The desk has a label that says "Restaurant," and parts of the image have been redacted to obscure sensitive information.
u/solstice_hlv/via reddit.com

“Turns out she didn’t even know what I was going through. It was just a kind and genuine gesture!” – u/Soltice_HLV

9. “My coworker said my bottle looks like Perry the Platypus. And now I can’t unsee it.”

A large blue Nalgene water bottle with a red lid sits on a countertop next to an open laptop. The laptop screen displays a cartoon character—a blue platypus wearing a brown fedora and looking to the left. The countertop background includes papers and utensils.
u/missteriousgal/via reddit.com

“Ah Perry, you’re just in time for me to unveil my latest creation, the un-water bottle-inator.” – u/cheazdizease1

“Curse you Perry the Water Bottle!” – u/scj12018

10. “I’m the only geologist that my coworker knows, so he brought this rock to work to talk about it.”

A close-up image of a rock with a rough texture. One side of the rock has a glittery, metallic appearance with varying shades of blue, gray, and brown. The rock is standing upright against a plain beige background.
u/nukaati/via reddit.com

“Yay for sharing special interests with others!” – u/BoltShine

“This guy rocks!” – u/SettingElectronic789

11. “My mama retired as an emergency nurse yesterday and her coworkers threw her a huge party.”

A person in medical scrubs, wearing a mask and glasses, poses joyfully with arms up. The background features a black and gold polka-dotted decor with the text "goodbye tension, hello pension," celebrating their retirement.
u/kvk1991/via reddit.com

“ER nurses are legit angels on earth. Congratulations!” – u/SheIsFrenchToast

“So lucky! I only have 33 years to go until I can retire.” – u/_SimplyComplicated_

12. “My one coworker brought into work this cute little motivator for us.”

A small crocheted potato figure with glasses holds a white sign that reads, "Positive Potato: I may be a tiny potato, but I believe in you. Go do your thing!" The figure is placed on a shelf beside some books and office supplies.
u/gibby5683/via reddit.com

“I’m trying potato, I’m trying.” – u/deleted

“I want to make one. Help Sensei.” – u/sernames_

13. “Today is my birthday, my coworkers know I’m on a diet, and they pulled through.”

A colorful fruit display on a tray features a pineapple and watermelon cut into pieces, surrounded by tropical fruit chunks, small figurines including SpongeBob characters, and skewer umbrellas. Number candles "2" and "5" on top indicate a 25th celebration.
u/itchyarethebest/via reddit.com

“Probably better for everyone to have that anyway.” – u/TheBeautifulChaos

“Good thing it wasn’t a keto diet.” – u/whenItFits

14. “My birthday is tomorrow and my coworker made me a cake!”

A rectangular metal baking tray filled with a dessert topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with crushed nuts. The mixture of whipped cream and nuts creates a textured, slightly uneven surface. The tray is positioned on a tiled countertop.
u/queen_of_meh1987/via reddit.com

“Is that oatmeal?” – u/_German

“Crushed walnuts.” – u/SheepDisco

15. “My friends/coworkers threw me a gender reveal and I’m having a little girl.”

A small room with a table against a yellow wall, decorated with purple balloons and ribbon streamers. The table has a white cake, a package of Cheez-Its, chips, dip, a plastic flower, and two small condiment bottles. A TV is mounted above the table.
u/replacementloose1968/via reddit.com

“Congratulations! Wishing you a safe, easy baby delivery and a healthy baby girl!” – u/NoKaleidoscope1495

“That so nice of them! The homemade cake is so heartwarming, they did a great job. You have great coworkers! And congrats!” – u/wildeag

16. “I’ve been anxious about finances all week and one of my coworkers left this in my office.”

An open Christmas card with "Merry Christmas" written on it. Inside are two $20 bills and a note that reads, "You made the nice list this year! Here is a little early x-mas gift to have fun with the girls at lunch tomorrow and also, a little something extra for your Christmas shopping! Love, Santa
u/captkronni/via reddit.com

“I forgot to mention that there’s actually $200 and not $40 as it appears in the photo.” – u/captkroni

“Very nice! What a thoughtful person.” – u/No_Chapter_948

17. “Occasionally I wear my T-Rex costume to work to bring my coworkers some joy.”

A person in a T-Rex costume performs onstage, holding blue and white feathered props. The backdrop features a night cityscape with lit buildings and a white archway resembling a door. The stage is illuminated by colorful lights.
u/chiaefx/via reddit.com

Sometimes, you just absolutely nail the T-Rex costume. This is undeniably one of those times.

18. “My coworkers got me a plant and a $50 Fred Meyer’s gift card for my first apartment.”

A tall snake plant in a green patterned pot is placed on a wooden floor next to a black computer tower. A hand is holding a Fred Meyer receipt and gift card near the plant. The wall in the background is white with a beige baseboard.
u/own_today6913/via reddit.com

“Wow. That’s a really nice snake plant.” – u/Sorrelandroan

“Beautiful plant! Very healthy!” – u/Feeling_Ad9540

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