Biggest Red Flags To Watch Out For On A First Date

There are some dates that many of us can unfortunately find ourselves on where we just know that things are destined to head far south, terribly quickly. This AskReddit thread-inspired piece takes a closer look at prominent red flags that we’d all be well served to keep a wary eye out for when navigating first-date situations.

1. They ramble on endlessly about their ex.

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Look, it’s all well and good to foster a healthy relationship with the past events that make up part of your life story. This can include finding healthy closure with an ex. However, whenever you decide that it’s time to put yourself back out there, it might be the best move to not proceed to make the majority of your conversation about your ex.

2. They start talking about having kids right off the bat.

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Yes, it’s perfectly mature to keep your eyes partially aware of what’s coming your way from on down life’s road. However, if you find yourself in the middle of a conversation with a first date where you’re already completely seriously talking about what your kids might look like one day, it could be high time to dial things down a notch. Just a notch. There’s plenty of time for proper planning if that really is your soulmate seated across the table from you.

3. They outright assume you’re covering the tab.

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This one really just boils down to not being obnoxiously presumptuous. Is it generally a great feeling when you find yourself fortunate enough to not be sweating that hefty restaurant tab because your date decided to graciously pick it up? Absolutely. But never bank on that particularly fortunate event.

4. They rudely insist on picking out your drink order for you.

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Just don’t do this. There are numerous reasons why, but a big one right off the bat is it’s another display of a complete lack of boundaries. Plus you’ve got the whole presumptuous thing going on as well. Unless you especially want the date to take an awkward turn, give your date the mindful and supportive space to let them order their own drink for themselves.

5. They burst into tears over a TV show disagreement.

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I mean, hey, kudos to the passion. There is some thrilling TV out there nowadays. Actually there’s so much that it’s really blossomed into its own kind of “issue.” However, do what you can to keep the emotional outburst at bay. At least while you’re on your first date.

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