6 Crazily Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

As it turns out there are numerous people in this wild world that have somehow found themselves helplessly and hopelessly sold on all manners of crazily unbelievable conspiracy theories. Maybe one of the most fascinating and discouraging parts of finding yourself in the middle of a conversation with someone who for instance believes with every fiber of their being that the earth is flat, is that they will exhibit truly daunting levels of stubborn fortitude when you try to get them to reconsider their stance. These conspiracy theories that people believe are in a league of their own.

1. Rocks are soft until touched.

A beautiful image of a couple of big-sized rocks.

Just picture it. Little did we know, but we’ve been sharing space all along with colonies of incognito soft rocks that aren’t yet comfortable enough to let their real selves be known to the rest of the world. Much like there are plenty of folks out there that claim they’ve seen UFOs, maybe there are other folks who would gladly take the stand to talk about their own experiences making contact with surprisingly soft rocks.

2. Traffic barrels are up for so long because the Department of Transportation is hopelessly overstocked.

An overhead image of a traffic intersection.

Oh boy, if this one were ever to prove true, can you imagine the blowback that whoever ran the inventory on traffic barrels would be due to receive? There’s just something undeniable about how long of stints traffic barrels end up having. And it would seem that the DoT has nowhere to store them at the same time.

3. Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen, and they made the movie “Frozen” so that whenever people Google “Walt Disney Frozen” the movie pops up first.

A zoomed out picture of Disneyland.

Oh, now we’re taking an elaborate turn, but don’t get too excited. There have been reports that Walt Disney was in fact not frozen, and that his wishes were to be cremated. However, when would something silly like a report stop a committed conspiracy theorist from sticking to what they believe? Yeah, not going to happen.

4. The government controls the weather to ensure celebrities can have nice weddings.

An image of a sunny grass field with a blue sky overhead.

My whole issue with this one is just like why would the government care? And then of course, where did the technology come from to put this crazy weather controlling into action? I’m ready for the movie honestly.

5. Conspiracy 58, that’s it.

An image of a few different soccer balls on a turf field.

So, Conspiracy 58 suggests that the World Cup of 1958 never occurred in Sweden as it was originally broadcast and that instead it was a CIA psy-op. The conspiracy itself is documented in a movie called Conspiracy 58, which puts for a stirring case. Then, it all comes undone by the end of the credits, where it backtracks and claims it was a work of fiction. However, because the text was only in Swedish plenty of unsuspecting people went on their merry way believing that the whole thing was real.

6. There’s a monster chilling behind an ice wall in Antarctica.

A beautiful image of an icy landscape with a blue sky overhead.

Wasn’t this already put forth in one of our more recent giant titan-level monster movies? Even though it sounds truly unbelievable there is something inescapably appealing about a conspiracy theory like this that would meld a Sci-Fi world together with the world as we normally experience it.

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