90 Pics That Totally Sum Up The 90s

The 1990s were an absolutely vibrant decade. MTV, Nickelodeon, Toys R Us, KMart, Mervyns, Super Soakers, Hip-Hop, Grunge, Alternative Rock, neon colors, annoying commercials – it was a strange and loud time and a golden era to be a kid or young adult. So much of the media was geared toward cashing in on new countercultures, yet it still maintained a lot of the 80s flair for celebrity.

This was incredibly fun for me to make, and I hope it’s just as fun to look at. So jump in our time machine; we’re headed to the 90s!

1. “Remember when you had to watch Titanic on two separate VHS tapes?

A boxed set of two Titanic VHS tapes. The box features the Titanic ship with images from the film, including the main characters. The text on the box mentions winning 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The VHS tapes are labeled Titanic 1 and Titanic 2.
eBay / BossyLossy / Twitter

2. “From the 1991 Sears Fall Catalog”

Three boys are standing outside wearing 90s fashion. Boy A wears a green shirt and patterned pants, Boy B wears a striped shirt and denim jeans, and Boy C wears a pink shirt and baggy jeans. They are talking and holding skateboards, with a text "Boys Sizes 8 to 20" visible.
u/DualCay0te / Via Reddit.com

3. “Very popular in the 90s, we all wanted one”

A vintage Aiwa stereo system featuring a multi-CD player on top, a digital display with equalizer visuals in the center, various control buttons and knobs below, a dual cassette deck at the bottom, and a pair of speakers on either side.
u/ROCKY12573 / Via Reddit.com

4. “Nothing says the 90s like a clear plastic neon Conair phone”

A person holding a vintage clear plastic toy phone with visible internal components. The phone features colorful buttons and wiring, with a yellow coiled cord. The detached base of the phone lies next to it on a white background.
u/therebootnetwork / Via reddit.com

5. “How did everyone own this exact alarm clock?”

A vintage GE digital clock radio with a wood-grain finish and black casing. It features a digital display for AM and FM radio frequencies, buttons for tuning, an alarm, and sleep functions, and a battery backup indicator. The device has an attached power cord.
u/Brief-Cryptographer2 / Via reddit.com

6. “McDonald’s Batman Forever drink glass set”

The image shows four intricately designed glass mugs with Batman artwork on the left side. On the right side, there is a glowing green and blue Batman logo accompanied by the McDonald's logo in the bottom right corner.
u/filmfanatic24 / Via reddit.com

7. “Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, 1994”

Two women sitting on a step, engaged in conversation. The woman on the left is wearing a metallic silver dress and strappy heels. The woman on the right is wearing a pink dress with white shoes. The background includes a graffiti-marked wall.
u/Standard_Act_819 / Via Reddit.com

8. “Power up!!”

An image of a Duracell battery with a PowerCheck feature showing a full charge. Text above the battery reads: "Kids today will never know the pain of destroying your thumb and still having no clue if the battery had power.
u/CWD32 / Via Reddit.com

9. “That weird period in the 90s when Warner Bros. were selling shirts with ‘hip’ characters’

A white t-shirt featuring animated characters wearing baggy clothes and baseball caps. On the left is a character resembling an anthropomorphic Tasmanian Devil, and on the right is a character resembling an anthropomorphic rabbit with a red shirt and blue jeans.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

10. “SNL in 1992”

A group photo of twelve people stands close together, smiling for the camera. They stand in what appears to be a formal setting, possibly a stage or studio with various items in the background including paintings and flowers.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

11. “91, Dad thought Mom would like this band”

Two concert tickets for Nirvana's "All Ages Show" on Saturday, October 12, 1991, at Cabaret Metro in Chicago. The tickets display the time of 7:30 PM and indicate general admission seating.
u/Sammiejanew / Via reddit.com

12. “Didn’t it seem like every family had a Ford Aerostar”

A maroon Ford minivan is parked in a parking lot. The vehicle has a boxy shape, grey lower paneling, and visible rubber bumper guards. The license plate is white, and there are other cars and a building in the background.
u/CormacZissou / Via reddit.com

13. “Taco Bell in the 90s”

A fast-food restaurant interior with booth seating featuring colorful geometric shapes. The back wall has a counter, several menu boards, and employees attending to customers. The overall decor includes various pastel colors and bold shapes, giving it a retro feel.
u/KilBoosh / Via Reddit.com

14. “My crush in the 90s was Cindy Crawford in the Pepsi ads”

A woman with voluminous brown hair, wearing a white tank top and large hoop earrings, leans against a wall with a vintage "Pepsi" logo. She holds a can of Pepsi in her right hand and appears to be looking ahead thoughtfully.
u/Substantial_Share_99 / Via reddit.com

15. “Classic day off from school be like”

A humorous image with the text "CURES FOR EVERY SICKNESS I HAD AS A KID" at the top. It shows VapoRub, Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Premium Saltine Crackers, and an old TV showing "The Price is Right.
u/ILovePublicLibraries / Via Reddit.com

16. “Prince shooting hoops in the mid 90s”

A person is mid-air while shooting a basketball in an indoor setting. They are wearing a dark, sleeveless top and pants, with white sneakers. There is a plant in a white pot on the floor beside them. The background features a door and a dimly lit wall.
u/Detroitaa / Via reddit.com

17. “At a Toys R Us, 1991”

Two children are in a store, looking at a video game display. The display features NES and Super NES consoles, controllers, and games. An older style television shows "Super Mario World" being played. The children appear to be captivated by the display.
u/RexLayne / Via Reddit.com

18. “A perfectly preserved Taco Bell receipt from 1999 found inside a library book. An incredible archaeological find!”

Receipt from Taco Bell dated 5/18/99 at 13:20. Items purchased include a CC-BUR (0.99), a TACO (0.69), NACHOS (0.69), and PEP-16 (1.29). Subtotal is 3.66, tax is 0.24, and total is 3.90. Cash tendered is 5.00, with change of 1.10.
RealJezebelley / Twitter

19. “Why was there always a bite taken outta these?”

A red and blue plastic football is shown with text above it reading, "Why was there always a bite taken outta these?". The football appears to have a semi-circular bite mark on the red side, suggesting past experiences where this repeatedly happened.
u/Lemonhops . Via Reddit.com

20. “August of 94 box office”

A black-and-white newspaper listing of movie showtimes for various theaters. The list includes titles such as "The Mask," "Black Beauty," "Forrest Gump," and "The Lion King," along with their showtimes, ratings, and formats (e.g., “DIGITAL SOUND”).
u/lawsaunvor / via Reddit.com

21. “Purple and Teal: The official colors of the 90s”

A white paper cup featuring a vintage 90s design with a blue and purple abstract swirl pattern running diagonally across the surface. The background design evokes a sense of nostalgia associated with that era.
u/parrisjd / Via reddit.com

22. “Who remembers the Forbidden Bridge Christmas of 94?”

A board game called “Forbidden Bridge” is set up on a table. The game features a bridge suspended between two cliffs with colorful player pieces and dice. The box in the background depicts an adventurer crossing a bridge, guarded by a giant stone figure.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

23. “I would give anything to go back”

A man and a young girl are in a Blockbuster video rental store. They are browsing DVDs on shelves marked "New Releases" and "Renta Gratis" in Spanish. The man holds a DVD case, and the girl looks at the DVDs attentively. The text reads, "The year is 1996...
u/kinaweird0 / Via reddit.com

24. “These leather phone cases”

Two views of a black Nokia mobile phone in a leather holster case. The front view shows the phone's screen with buttons below it and the back view displays the case's clip and stitching details. The phone's screen shows "Nokia" and some text.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

25. “Bill Elliott’s 1999 #94 McDonald’s Ford Taurus”

A red and yellow stock car numbered 94 speeds along a racetrack. The car features various sponsor logos, including a prominent fast food chain logo on the hood and the side. The driver is visible through the window, wearing a helmet and racing gear.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

26. “These were the 90s kids first glimpse into the single adult life”

A box of Kid Cuisine All Star Chicken Breast Nuggets frozen meal. The cover features images of corn, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese in a blue segmented tray. A penguin dressed as a basketball player is shown on the right, holding a nugget with a fork.
u/userdeleted / Via Reddit.com

27. “Lollapalooza 93”

An old Lollapalooza '93 concert leaflet from July 10, 1993, at Molson Park, Barrie. The front features a hand-drawn map of the event layout, while the back lists band performance times for different stages, alongside forum explanations and activity schedules.
u/SandysBurner / Via reddit.com

28. “My family and I (sitting on the tire) in 93 in front of the Grave Digger in Atlanta”

A group of people, including two adults and two children, stand beside a large monster truck called "Grave Digger" with detailed artwork on its body. One child is sitting on the truck's huge tires. The scene appears to be at an outdoor event on a sunny day.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

29. “Macaulay Culkin and Joe Pesci at the wrap party for Home Alone, 1990”

A young boy, holding a drink, is laughing joyfully while a man next to him, holding a wine glass, looks down at him with a smile. Two other men in the background are engaged in conversation. They appear to be in a dimly lit room, possibly at a social event.
u/RExLayne / Via reddit.com

30. “Salma Hayek casting photo from the 90s”

A Polaroid photo of a woman with long dark hair, wearing a brown top and a cross necklace, is placed on a paper listing movies and TV shows. Her expression is neutral, and she is facing the camera directly. The paper lists various titles and names.
u/Checkmynewsong / Via reddit.com

31. “Pound puppies”

A group of six plush toy puppies with red collars are arranged on a red bedspread. They vary in colors, including white, brown, and tan, with some having spots. Each toy has large, expressive eyes and floppy ears, creating a cute and playful display.
u/kymilovechelle / Via reddit.com

32. “1997 Toys r Us advertisement”

A colorful Toys "R" Us advertisement featuring various video game consoles, including a Nintendo 64 ($149.99) and a PlayStation ($149.99), alongside numerous game titles for different systems such as Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy, with prices ranging from $14.99 to $74.99.
u/Defvac2 / Via reddit.com

33. “Page me later”

A colorful retro-style pack of "Bubble Beeper" bubble gum sticks with a vibrant design. The pack resembles a pager, featuring bright neon colors of pink, green, and black. The text reads "Bubble Beeper" and "17 Sticks Bubble Gum" on the front.
u/CWD32 / Via reddit.com

34. “A picture of my sister and I in 1995ish. Macintosh Performa with AOL on it and VH1’s Pop Up Video on TV”

Two people, a young man and woman, are sitting in front of a desk with an old computer setup and a CRT TV on top. They are both looking slightly toward the camera, with the man smiling and the woman laughing. The room has wooden furniture and a table lamp.
u/morganstern / Via reddit.com

35. “Found my old POG collection. Mostly 92-93”

A collection of various colorful wooden tokens laid out on a speckled countertop. They feature designs from different establishments, events, and characters, including restaurants, radio stations, and promotional tokens. Several stacks of tokens appear on the right side.
u/purplepunch36 / Via reddit.com

36. “One of the best TV dads of the 90s”

A person with a bald head and beard sits on a sofa, looking down and holding a small piece of paper in each hand. A box with other items is in front of them. The room is well-lit with large windows in the background.
u/Douceau / Via Reddit.com

37. “Shark Bites – I was truly obsessed with these”

The image shows a box of Shark Bites chewy fruit snacks featuring "assorted fruit" flavors: orange, strawberry, grape, and lemon. The box contains 6 pouches. The packaging highlights a "ferocious tiger shark" fruit snack and mentions "made with real fruit.
u/Sweetlo123 / Via Reddit.com

38. “Get into Grunge! Ad from KMar Australia in 93”

A retro Kmart ad promoting grunge fashion with models in various outfits. It features printed body suits, leggings, scoop neck tops, long sleeve t-shirts, skirts, and tattoo motifs. Prices range from $8 to $29, with layaway options available. The slogan reads "Get into Grunge!
u/Aggravating-Metal167 / Via reddit.com

39.”San Francisco Chronicle TV listing 9/28/91″

A vintage TV guide listing for Saturday, September 28, with daytime TV show schedules. Highlights include "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes," "Muppet Babies," "Looney Tunes," "Inspector Gadget," and "Football." Shows are categorized by time slots and networks.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

40. “Top Video Rentals March 13, 1998”

Image shows a rental video store shelf with four VHS tapes labeled as top rentals for March 13, 1998. The titles and their ranks are: 1. "Air Force One," 2. "G.I. Jane," 3. "The Game," and 4. "The Devil's Advocate." A blue banner reads "Top Video Rentals March 13, 1998.
u/Sweetlo123 / Via reddit.com

41. “Woodstock 94”

A large outdoor festival stage with "Woodstock" written on a sign and colorful decorations. Two large banners feature peace symbols with a white dove on a guitar. A crowd of people is gathered in front, some sitting on the grass, others standing, enjoying the event.
u/jlegarr / Via reddit.com

42. “If you had a favorite pattern, you back hurts when you wake up now”

A display of eight colorful cards on a green background. The cards feature a variety of designs including patterns, a red robot, clownfish swimming, a conch shell, a spooky castle, a tropical beach scene, and a hand holding playing cards.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

43. “Nothing about this man made sense.”

A man with curly hair, wearing a brown hat, blue blazer, and a colorful plaid shirt, stands next to a puppet. The puppet resembles an animal, has spiky hair, and is dressed in a blue jacket and pink tie. The background features a simple, pastel-colored drawing.
u/Neon_1984 / Via reddit.com

44. “Me getting a Super Nintendo on my birthday in 92”

A young boy with short brown hair smiles while kneeling on the carpet, holding a boxed Super Nintendo Entertainment System. He is wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt. In the background, a TV displays a scene from a Garfield cartoon.
u/actionaddam / Via reddit.com

45. “Anyone else used to watch this?”

Image of a Jack Russell Terrier dog with the text "WISHBONE". The dog is shown in its natural state and in three costumes: reading a book, dressed as a medieval knight, and as a Renaissance figure. The background is a gradient of blue hues.
u/TheAlwaysAnxious1 / Via reddit.com

46. “Ad for Stouffer’s New Lunch Express 4/12/93”

An image of a Stouffer's advertisement showing a hand holding a fork with macaroni and cheese. Text reads: "Stouffer's Is Now Open For Lunch. Introducing Stouffer's New Lunch Express!" The ad highlights Chicken Alfredo and French Bread Pizza products with a description in smaller text.
u/AxlCobainVedder / Via reddit.com

47. “Dad’s old Rat Fink shirt by Big Daddy himself in 91, covered in motor oil and grease”

A white t-shirt with an illustration of a green, anthropomorphic rat holding a red heart with the letters "RF" in yellow. The shirt is slightly stained and worn, with blue floral bedding in the background.
u/emilylovesnooga / Via reddit.com

48. “Pamela Ander in 1993”

A woman with long blonde hair is kneeling on the grass, wearing a blue sports jersey and black shorts. She is holding a cup in her left hand and smiling at the camera. In the background, another person's legs can be seen.
u/emeraldnobe / Via reddit.com

49. “Who else had automatic seatbelts?”

Interior of a Honda car showing the driver's side with a steering wheel, dashboard, speedometer, and climate controls. The passenger seatbelt is fastened. The view includes the interior door panel and side mirror with a U-Haul trailer visible through the window.
u/lolll / Via reddit.com

50. “My sister dated Macho Man Randy Savage back in the 90s. This is me with him”

A man wearing a denim shirt, black beanie, and black pants playfully embraces a young boy on a beige sofa. The boy, smiling broadly, wears a light-colored shirt and dark pants. The background includes a white lamp and a part of a table with some objects.
u/eLetoR / Via reddit.com

51. “An ad I found from Jan 3, 1992”

A vintage Toys R Us newspaper advertisement featuring various toys and electronics. Offers include a Super Nintendo System for $199.99, Sega Game Gear for $149.99, Terminator 2 action figures for $4.99 each, and more. The slogan "Always low-priced and in-stock!" is prominently displayed.
u/mattwebb677 / Via reddit.com

52. “Trent Reznor at Woodstock 94”

A person stands in front of a microphone and plays a keyboard, covered in mud and with wet hair hanging down over their face. The stage is also muddy and dark, suggesting an intense performance in challenging conditions.
u/journeyman369 / Via reddit.com

53. “Jurassic Park is coming soon to VHS 10/4/94”

A store displays a "Jurassic Park" movie poster that reads "An Adventure 65 Million Years In The Making" with a release date of June 11, rated PG-13. Below the poster, a sign states "COMING SOON!" and the store has shelves stocked with various items and merchandise.
u/IlovePublicLibraries / Via reddit.com

54. “1994 Yearbook photo”

A grid of nine high school yearbook portraits featuring a mix of male and female students with various hairstyles and outfits typical of the late 1980s or early 1990s. Each portrait is captioned with a first name: Kevin, Melissa, April, Robert, Bethany, Amy, Lisa, Heather, and Alexandra.
u/NoahTheAttacker / Via reddit.com

55. “Uncle Cliffy card from the 91-92 season”

A trading card featuring basketball player Cliff Robinson of the Portland Trail Blazers. He is shown in action, wearing a red and black Blazers uniform and jumping towards the basket with the ball. The card has a yellow border, "Trail Blazers" text, and team logos.
u/OregonTripleBeam / Via reddit.com

56. “Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich and Neve Campbell at the Screen Premiere in 1996”

Three people are sitting at a table in a restaurant or bar. One person on the left is energetically talking with their mouth open, another in the middle is smiling warmly and wearing a hat, and the third person on the right is sticking their tongue out playfully.
u/Red_Devil1987 / Via reddit.com

57. “Hard to pick my top 5 favorite movies from 94”

A collage of 20 movie posters arranged in a 5x4 grid, featuring films such as "The Shawshank Redemption," "Pulp Fiction," "Forrest Gump," "Speed," "Clerks," "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," "The Lion King," "The Mask," and "Dumb and Dumber.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

58. “Happy customers buying Windows 95”

A jubilant man displays two boxed copies of Microsoft Windows 95 in a crowded store. Shoppers around him look engaged in their own purchases. The store is decorated with large Windows 95 signs hanging from the ceiling.
u/gorillaz03 / Via reddit.com

59. “Rosario Dawson and Chloe Sevigny on the set of Kids in 94”

Two young women are sitting on a couch. The woman on the left, wearing a pink shirt and denim shorts, is leaning towards the woman on the right and whispering in her ear. The woman on the right, wearing a blue shirt and jeans, sits with her hands in her lap, looking forward.
u/halo9en3 / Via reddit.com

60. “VHS from 94 for GM’s antilock brakes”

A person is holding a manual labeled "Your New Vehicle's Antilock Brake System: How It Works For You" featuring a man in a white jacket, and images of a black vehicle. An airbag safety video tape is partially inserted in a device at the top.
u/JacobL85 / Via reddit.com

61. “Chris Farley at Woodstock 94”

A composite of two photos. In the top image, a man with glasses energetically speaks into a microphone while another man reads from a sheet of paper. In the bottom image, a man in sunglasses smiles uncomfortably among a crowd at an outdoor event.
u/eaglemaxie / via Reddit.com

62. “Elliott Smith in Portland in 94”

A person with short, blue hair and wearing sunglasses is standing outdoors on a rainy day. They are dressed in a blue and yellow track jacket and holding a red coffee cup. The person is making a hand gesture with their left hand, and a postal service vehicle is in the background.
u/atrailofdisasters / Via reddit.com

63. “Gaming in the 90s”

A vintage desktop computer setup with a CRT monitor displaying a retro first-person shooter game. The setup includes a beige keyboard, mouse, speakers, floppy disks in a box, and a stack of CDs on the PC tower. The computer is placed on a white desk.
u/boatbest / Via reddit.com

64. “Every bowling alley in the 90s”

A brightly lit bowling alley with a patterned carpet, featuring a customer service counter, a concession stand with various snacks, and an area with arcade games. In the foreground, a round table with bar stools, one of which has a drink cup on it.
u/nasty / Via reddit.com

65. “Pierce Brosnan around 93/94 after being confirmed as the next James Bond”

A man with dark hair and a beard sits on a striped couch, holding a glass of wine. He is wearing a black suit with a grey polka-dot tie and brown shoes. There are red pillows on the couch and a light-colored wall in the background. The man is smiling slightly.
u/theres_a_con / Via reddit.com

66. “Candy Kids (97). Getting ready for the rave”

Three individuals with colorful, eccentric attire are seen in a room. One stands behind a seated person, braiding their green hair while another stands beside them. All three wear an abundance of bright beaded jewelry and vibrant clothing.背景には棚に小さな装飾品が並んでいます。
u/GreatACanthisitta466 / Via reddit.com

67. “August 18, 1998 USA Today”

A person holds a USA Today newspaper with the headline: "Clinton: Affair was 'wrong' - Admits misleading people; strikes at Starr." The date on the newspaper is Tuesday, August 18, 1998. The front page also features various other news articles and a photo of Bill Clinton.
u/Kooky-Swan293 / Via reddit.com

68. “Three 6 Mafia in 1995”

A black and white image of the hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia in front of a car. Six men are gathered, wearing casual 90s fashion like striped shirts, overalls, and jeans. A headline above reads, "Three 6 Mafia: Putting Memphis On The Rap Map.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

69. “Ray Lewis the day of the 96 NFL draft”

A man wearing sunglasses and a patterned shirt with gold designs is talking on a corded phone while smiling. An older woman with short hair and a striped shirt is hugging him from the side, smiling warmly. They appear to be happy and enjoying the moment.
u/LouieKablooie / Via reddit.com

70. “Me and my sister outside Nickelodeon Studios circa 95-96”

Two children stand in front of a colorful Nickelodeon building, smiling at the camera. The building features vivid blue pillars, green accents, and a large orange Nickelodeon sign with splat design. People walk in the background under a sunny sky.
u/Colonelforbin25 / Via reddit.com

71. “Eating breakfast at McDonald’s in 1995”

A McDonald's Big Breakfast meal on a tray. The meal includes a yellow-lidded container, a hash brown in a sleeve, utensils in plastic wrap, a drink cup with a straw, and various condiments including a packet of strawberry preserves.
u/josmar132809 / Via reddit.com

72. “Gaming in my room in the 90s”

A teenager sits on a bed playing PlayStation in a room decorated with various posters and figurines. The room has a cluttered desk, a small TV displaying a game, and vibrant posters of TV shows and celebrities on the walls.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

73. “How did everyone have these same computer speakers in the 90s?”

A pair of Harman Kardon desktop speakers sit side by side on a grey surface. The right speaker has a green indicator light and two knobs labeled "Tone" and "Volume." The left speaker has a matching design. Background includes grey partition and connecting cables.
via reddit.com

74. “This is what every kitchen looked like in the 90s”

A kitchen with wooden cabinets, white appliances including a refrigerator, microwave, stove, and dishwasher. A kettle sits on the stove, with a collection of utensils next to it. An island with a wooden top stands in the center. A window with blinds is above the sink.
u/No-Arm- / Via reddit.com

75. “The Clapper”

The image shows a boxed "The Clapper" sound-activated on/off switch. The box features a hand clapping, indicating the device can turn appliances on or off with a clap. It mentions "CLAP ON! CLAP OFF!" and shows lights indicating detection. UL Listed logo is displayed.

76. “These Etnies from the late 90s”

A vintage-style ad for Etnies footwear features five different sneaker designs in black, white, and grey tones. Smaller images of additional shoes are at the bottom. The tagline reads, "The shoes your mom and dad ditched school in.
u/forum4um / via Reddit.com

77. “Microsoft Encarta: The Wikipedia of the 90s”

Cover of Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia Deluxe edition for MacOS featuring a collage of images including a woman's face, a dancer, ancient artifacts, and a guitar. Text includes "Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia," "DELUXE," and "DELUXE 2 CDs Inside.
u/TrademarcVlogz / Via reddit.com

78. “I miss 90s Sizzler”

A buffet area is shown inside a Sizzler restaurant. The buffet features various food items under protective glass coverings. The restaurant's interior is warmly lit, with wood and tile decor. At the top, the Sizzler logo is prominently displayed.
u/doctorbitme / Via reddit.com

79. “School libraries in the 90s”

Interior of a library showcasing rows of bookshelves filled with books. In the center are four wooden workstations with beige computers and monitors on them. Wooden chairs are placed at each workstation, and a potted plant is visible in the background.
u/Ok_Possibility5499 / Via reddit.com

80. “90s big screen tv”

A person sits on the floor, holding a game controller, facing a large TV screen displaying a Super Mario game. Several electronics and stuffed toys, including Mario and Yoshi, are beside the TV in a room with office furniture and equipment.
u/DualCay0te / Via reddit.com

81. “90s LAN Party with the boys”

Several people in a room participate in a LAN party, playing computer games on desktop computers. One person stands in the foreground, while others sit focused on their screens. The room features typical home decor and has a relaxed atmosphere.
u/SeattleMana / Via reddit.com

82. “Delias catalog, anyone?”

Two women smile warmly, wearing winter hats and cozy attire. The background displays various promotional text for dELiA*s, featuring offers like free shipping, early bird previews, gift ideas, and discounts. The magazine style layout presents a festive, cheerful vibe.
u/UmmuHajar / Via reddit.com

83. “Remember the band in 90s Chuck E Cheese?”

A group of colorful animatronic characters performs on a vibrant stage. One character, a gray mouse in a red vest and yellow shirt, is prominent. The background is adorned with various bright decorations and lights, creating a lively and playful atmosphere.
u/kumilovechelle / Via reddit.com

84. “Little Caesars tasted better when it was in KMarts in the 90s”

A cafeteria with numerous empty tables and white chairs with orange seats. A few customers are seated at the far right. The counter in the background features a variety of food and drink options, with brightly lit menu boards overhead.
u/MostTXThanTX / Via reddit.com

85. “90s Handheld Gaming”

A vintage Disney Aladdin handheld electronic game by Tiger Electronics is displayed. The game features Aladdin and Genie illustrations on the red and blue casing. The screen shows gameplay, and the control buttons are yellow and blue. "Disney's Aladdin" is written on top.
u/vcisneros4 / Via reddit.com

86. “Art instruction school commercials from the 90s”

A vintage drawing contest advertisement featuring three characters: "Tippy," a bird with a long beak; "Pirate," a bearded man wearing a hat and eyepatch; and "Tiny," a mouse wearing a party hat. The text at the top reads, "Over $5,000 in prizes Awarded Monthly.
u/MTV-Summer-2002 / via reddit.com

87. “Capri Suns from the early 90s”

A colorful advertisement for Capri Sun Pacific Cooler shows a 10-pack box and a single pouch with fruit decorations. Bold yellow text reads "Hey Dudes! It's new, it's cool!" and a red box states, "A new fruit drink with Pacific cool & California style.
u/lowandbeeholdd / Via reddit.com

88. “Accurate”

A meme with two side-by-side images: on the left, a colorful 3D pipes screensaver; on the right, a young boy with a serious expression staring ahead. The top text reads "Computer Screensaver" on the left and "10 year old me" on the right.
u/Flawda-Man / Via Reddit.com

89. “Every 90s kids ceiling”

A black background filled with various sizes of glowing green stars scattered across the image, creating a starry night sky effect.
u/pvcdude / Via reddit.com

90. “This 90s newspaper ad for The Simpsons”

A black-and-white promotional image for "The Simpsons" features Homer shaking hands with a man in a suit, Marge and the kids (Bart, Lisa, and Maggie) reacting. The text reads "Tonight, The Simpsons meet Homer's long-lost brother! Special Guest Voice: Danny DeVito.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

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