5 Products And Services You Should Never Cheap Out On

The reality is that there are plenty of products and services that are available for you to spend your hard-earned cheddar on that you would be heavily, strongly advised to in no way cheap out on. The simple truth of it all is that to enjoy the benefits of a particular product, like a pair of running shoes for instance, you’ll have to spend the extra bit of cash to ensure you’re not going to end up dealing with a poorly made pair of kicks that begin disintegrating after what must’ve been like a few runs into their lifetime of use. Thankfully this AskReddit thread-inspired piece takes a closer look at the products and services you’ll know without any trace of a doubt, that you can’t afford to go cheap mode on.

1. Tattoos

Image of a person applying tattoo cream to their new forearm tattoo.
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When you decide to opt for the spontaneous and entirely impulsive decision of a last minute tattoo from a rundown parlor that looks like it’s on its last legs, you’re really rolling the dice on a scenario where you could end up with an infection, or just a tattoo that you spend days on end doing what you can to cover up from the rest of the world. So, take your time, do your research, and only commit to that first or next tattoo when you know the place, the artist, and the tattoo is exactly what you want.

2. Lawyers

Image of a lawyer using a nice pen to sign off on a document at their desk.
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Lawyers are as expensive as they are for good reason. If you decide to cheap out on a lawyer you’ll run the risk of having to pay potentially even more (boatloads) of money on down the road to clean up any messes that otherwise would’ve been avoidable if you’d simply paid the higher cost and suffered the hit to your bank account for a bit from the start.

3. Brakes And Tires

Winter is coming. Yes, and with winter for plenty of folks, comes the prospect of having to navigate tricky icy or generally snow-packed roads amidst traveling and/or commuting to work. So, don’t skimp out on paying a bit more for the nicer snow tires when you have the chance to.

4. Home Improvement Contractors

Image of a woman in her home's kitchen watching an electrician work on fixing a wire.
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There is an undeniable reason why the contractors that are charging much lower hourly prices for their services are doing that, and it’s oftentimes not out of the kindness of their hearts. You truly get what you pay for. If you elect for the electrician that has an unreal low total price for their services offered, you’ll run the risk of having fragile “band-aids” as it were being placed over issues that could give way to total disasters further on down the road.

5. Mattresses

Image of a hand touching what looks like a very soft and new white mattress.

Sleep. It’s a necessity in this life. We’re inevitably going to spend a lot of time doing it over the course of our years carrying out our various adventures on this space rock. When you have the financial resources necessary to invest in a nicer mattress, you would do well to do so. Consistent and restful nights of sleep promote that ever desirable balance across the other facets of your life. With more energy and potentially heightened levels of productivity back at work, you might even end up with unexpected raises and new job opportunities that allow for you to invest in yet an even nicer mattress. How about that.

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