21 Memes and Pics About The Infuriating Job Search Process

The job seekers world can be a tough and terribly overwhelming one. It’s terrifyingly easy to get lost in the mountains of applications that are being submitted by other candidates for that next job that you can’t stop thinking about. To make matters worse, some of the responses that are sent out after you’ve spent hours of your time on a job application, are heartless. However, misery loves company, and maybe these people’s own frustrating moments while trying to secure their next jobs will make you feel a bit better.

1. “I had to take a walk after this.”

A text conversation. One participant labeled "sunasianchadlb" mentions the manager's busy schedule but availability today. The other, "You," asks for the address. "sunasianchadlb" responds rudely, leading "You" to decline further interaction.
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“Can’t imagine why there would be an opening at this place. Seems like a lovely environment to work in.” – u/Al_C

“Well that escalated quickly.” – u/sparkour84

2. “The ultimate GlassDoor interview review.”

A screenshot of a person's application story. Their experience is marked by green checkmarks next to "Accepted Offer", "Positive Experience", and "Easy Interview". They mention a simple interview process due to a referral and connection with the Vice CEO.
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“Even if it’s a troll, it’s not far off from real life.” – u/Ok-Scallion-3415

“The whole position of a Vice CEO is a new one.” – u/brentexander

3. “Both petty and satisfying.”

A text conversation. One message at 13:44 asks for the salary range of a position. A reply at 13:57 states that salary information cannot be provided and requests the preferred salary. Another message at 14:01 repeats that salary information cannot be provided and requests a salary range.
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“Now this is how it should be done.” – u/Brar-iar

“More people should respond like this.” – u/deleted

4. “This comes in after their fifth interview.”

An email message reads: "Hi [name redacted], Would you have capacity to do a small 2 week project in the coming weeks? We would like to assess your ability to rapidly pick up things beyond your knowledge and use new tools quickly. Best, [sender's name redacted]".
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“No no, unfortunately that’s not messing with you at all in this day and age.” – u/BitterFuture

“Sure, my 1099 rate is $350 an hour. Go ahead and send over a contract.” – u/mfreed

5. “Guess my interview wasn’t that memorable.”

Email screenshot showing a message from a horticulture manager at a zoo/aquarium, asking if the recipient attended an interview in early October. The subject line reads, "Landscape position." Some parts of the text are partially obscured by green markings.
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“Just, seriously, uncool.” – u/LeafBird

“Seems like they’re in need of a reminder.” – u/DoltLive247

6. “Someone’s in need of a performance review.”

Screenshot of an email exchange. The top email, from a manager, informs an applicant they were not selected for a Seasonal Sales Associate position. The applicant's response at the bottom states, "Dan I've been working here for a month.
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“I’ve had this happen, and I was literally already on the payroll.” – u/ladycielphantsa

“This is a reminder to not let hiring managers or recruiters get to you, because they really can sometimes be this clueless.” – u/deleted

7. “Employer responds rapidly.”

A screenshot shows a job application message stating "You applied to this position on February 10, 2023." Below, a response received at 7:03 am reads, "Looking forward to meeting with you at 10 this morning. Here is your zoom link," followed by a Zoom link.
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“And the nerve to set up an interview with a three hour notice too.” – u/IndecisiveRex

“Just respond a year later about how you weren’t able to make it.” – u/Masithe

8. “Using a bot in the interview process is extra.”

A chatbot interface is displayed. The user inquires about the available salary range. The chatbot first asks for the user's first name, and then responds to the salary range question by instructing the user to rephrase it. The user types "salary range" again.
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“Oh, it must be Salary that I’m talking to.” – u/a-Complete_loss

“Salary Range is quite the powerful name, indeed.” – u/SpiritRatio5489

9. “And they would still find a way to question that gap.”

A portion of a CV/resume under the section titled "AUSBILDUNG" which lists educational background. A specific entry from 1993-1996, highlighted in red, states "I had to take a break due to the war in Bosnia." Other entries include high school and university education details.
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“Gaps in resumes are almost always something very personal.” – u/dontsentmebro

“More likely the algorithm would key in on the word break and just toss the resume altogether.” – u/deleted

10. “Sick of people who think like this.”

A social media comment with text overlay reading: "Dude go apply in person it's not that hard, call them once a day after you apply. Y'all are just lazy and wanna be cooped up in ur rooms on the computer." There are options to view more replies and to reply.
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“If that person ever has to reenter the workforce, then they are in for a rude awakening.” – u/lianavan

“Might as well go ahead and walk into Google today to apply.” – u/Striking-Ostrich-222

11. “This might win the gold medal for being the most out of touch.”

A social media post from a user identified as "CEO" discusses charging a small fee (e.g., $20) to apply for a job to reduce the number of underqualified or mismatched applications. The post has 22 comments and 1 repost.
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“So my last job search would’ve cost me $5,660. Sweet.” – u/PompousAssistant

“All I need is a refund if I’m not chosen.” – u/spiritofasdadf

12. “Thanks Karen.”

An email screenshot reads: "Thank you for getting back to me. Unfortunately, your expectations are very high for this position. So sorry! Best of luck with your job search!" The sender's name and email address are blacked out. Timestamp: 10:01 AM.
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“This is the way that it should be in my opinion.” – u/azwildcat74

“Maybe don’t Karen her after all.” – u/anaera555

13. “This is a new level of gross.”

Text excerpt with two sections: 5. Personal Budget and 6. Spousal Interview. The Personal Budget section discusses evaluating candidates' financial ability to support their family. The Spousal Interview section involves interviewing the candidate's spouse to assess the job's suitability.
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“Best to run for the hills.” – u/missionignition

“This is just the epitome of wow.” – u/rayquazarising

14. “Competitive salary.”

A meme in six panels shows two people having a conversation. The woman says, "We are offering a competitive salary." The man responds, "Be honest." She replies, "I am being honest." He asks, "No, how much are you paying?" She says, "Minimum wage." He says, "Thank you.
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“This just nails it.” – u/Catfish_Egyptologist

“If everybody pays minimum wage then minimum wage becomes competitive wage.” – u/Evgobulon

15. “No words.”

A messaging conversation from a job application platform shows an exchange between the user and Sadie Cormier regarding a resume. Sadie requests a larger text size for the resume, and the user asks for an email address to send it to. Sadie then inquires about the resume.
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“This is the literal reason that they need a secretary.” – u/Smel_qls

“Maybe you should move on to the next.” – u/Icy_Koala_019

16. “Just looking for over 10 years of React experience.”

A screenshot of a text conversation between a job recruiter and a potential candidate. The recruiter asks at 8:26 AM for a React Engineer with over 10 years of experience. The candidate responds at 10:21 AM, pointing out React is about 10 years old, making the request difficult. At 10:45 AM, the recruiter asks about the candidate's React JS experience. At 10:46 AM, the candidate says they don't have 10 years and suggests contacting the founders of React at Meta.
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“Love this. What a foolish recruiter indeed.” – u/Realistic-Net7779

“Oh that’s great, some of the founders are still there.” – u/Artasxislq

17. “Oh no, no they did not.”

A reaction GIF shows a distressed man in a suit, crying and being consoled by another person in the background. Above the image, there is text from a Twitter post by @successtextpost which reads: "Please attach a cover letter as well.
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“Cover letters should just be banned at this point.” – u/G-dAwpiojs

“Yeah, I just don’t bother anymore.” – u/deleted

18. “Seems appropriate.”

The image is a meme with two panels. The top panel shows a close-up of a serious-looking person with the caption "Me who lied on my resume." The bottom panel shows a person with blonde hair and a concerned expression, captioned "My new employer who lied on the job description.
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“Accurate information.” – u/Few-Perspective-2672

“That’s why you must lie in your resume.” – u/Adolfodow

19. “You’ve got to love these salary ranges.”

A screenshot displaying three job listings at Netflix. The titles are "Program Manager - Innovation Management," "Technical Program Manager (L6) - Playback," and "Technical Program Manager (L6) - Client and Partner Technologies." Salaries range from $80,000 to $900,000.
u/rgbtexas/via reddit.com

“It can’t be that bad if the job is offering up to $900K though right.” – u/ChillDude22322

“The lowest salary on here is more than I have ever made with a job.” – u/deleted

20. “10 years of experience, and they’ll definitely never find better.”

An image of Buzz Lightyear in packaging, stating, "My work needs me. I'm irreplaceable." Below this, there is a long warehouse shelf lined with numerous identical Buzz Lightyear figures in the same packaging, suggesting he is, in fact, replaceable.
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“Don’t ruin your life for a job. Everyone is replaceable.” – u/Sea-Cow9982

“It’s crazy how fast those applicants pools can fill up.” – u/Denianode

21. “This is pretty much finding a job in 2024.”

A close-up view of a cat's face looking directly at the camera, as if confused or curious. Above the cat, text reads: ">There is a labor shortage >Apply for job >Not hiring". The background is a simple indoor setting. The image is marked with "@Sundaeys__".
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“Boomers are getting upset over not being able to pay peanuts over going the extra mile.” – u/0xatilla

“There is a labor shortage, however it’s focused in healthcare, hospitality, and retail.” – u/VeganTravels

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