Wild Casino Secrets Hidden From The Public

By their very design casinos so often are literally set up to disorient and razzle and dazzle you into a vulnerable oblivion where without your senses about you, you could end up burning through money you’d put away for when the going ever gets rough. Not only are casinos trying to pounce on ripe opportunities to grab your cash when you’re not paying attention, but they’re also keeping all kinds of dark and/or downright bizarre secrets. In this AskReddit-inspired piece, casino workers divulge just what some of those secrets are.

1. Unclaimed/Uncollected Money

Close-up image of a pile of $100 bills.

Okay, so this seems like it’s too good to be true. However, apparently, there are numerous instances involving players or as they’re occasionally referred to, “whales”, that deposit millions and forget about said millions for years. Sure must be nice.

2. Overstocked Underground Warehouses

Bottles of wine that have been lined up in a dark-lit cellar.

Apparently there are many casinos that have this whole setup going where their basements are stuffed to the brim with random wares like road signs, and other miscellaneous supplies. So basically, you can imagine fever dreams of the complete opposite of “the glitz” going on underneath casinos.

3. MGM Lion Mouth Backstory

Image of the MGM Grand that's been taken from far away at nighttime.

Okay, so this insight was a trip. Apparently a whole lot of folks completely missed the moment that this story popped off. Redditor u/DriedUpSquid writes, “When the MGM Grand opened in Las Vegas, you walked through a giant Lion’s mouth to get to the front door. Many Asian gamblers saw it as a sign of bad luck so they wouldn’t go in. Now it’s a smaller statue.”

4. The Malfunctioning Jackpot

Close-up image of a slot machine that's been pulled and is in motion.

Unfortunately, apparently there are plenty of casinos that are more than ready to claim that an apparent jackpot that just lit up the eyes of the momentary winner with nothing short of blissed out oblivion, is in fact not a jackpot at all. Where’s the fun and legality in that? Seems a bit suspect.

5. Intentionally Colder Inside

A close-up image of a blackjack table inside of a casino.

This one unfortunately makes sense from a logic-motivated standpoint. Casinos will apparently err on the side of keeping their insides colder to ensure that folks that are browsing about for their next chase after a big wins dream, don’t get sleepy in the process. I guess it’s fair. Spend enough time posted up at a slots machine and you’re bound to get a bit sleepy in the process if the room is already toasty.

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