5 Dead Giveaways Someone’s Sweating Wealthiness From Their Pores

What’s most interesting and true when it comes to many of today’s folks that would be considered obscenely wealthy, is that the real wealth doesn’t flaunt itself. Many extremely wealth individuals can be caught wearing robotically plain clothing, driving ancient vehicles that appear as if they’ve been passed down from generation to generation, and don’t make a circus out of letting those close to them that they’re well off. These giveaways are certainly undeniable in their own right when it comes to identifying potentially very wealthy individuals, but they’re not exactly what you might expect.

1. They worry about time.

Man working at his desk with an hourglass in front of him.

Time, seemingly one if life’s only commodity that you can’t purchase back no matter how much wealth you’ve accumulated. So, when someone has ascended the financial totem pole to such an extent that they can afford to pay other folks to handle less high priority tasks that don’t necessarily require their hands-on attention, you better believe that they’ll do so.

2. They’re quietly very generous.

A small model house surrounded by piles of gold coins.

If money has grown to become less and less of a relevant thing for you to even think about, then it comes as no surprise that you wouldn’t bother wasting any time with telling folks that you grabbed something like a dinner bill. Regardless of how big the dinner party might’ve been.

3. House is exceptionally clean and organized.

A very nice living room that's been thoroughly cleaned out.

If you end visiting an exceedingly wealthy person’s home you can pretty much guarantee that everything is going to be immaculately clean. And you might also be surprised to find that there isn’t even that much effort/energy into ensuring that their home is decorated with the flashiest materialistic possessions.

4. They might drive a notably humble car.

An old blue pickup truck that's parked next to a big tree.

As we touched on briefly earlier, some of the world’s wealthiest folks won’t waste the time and money on buying themselves the crazy expensive cars. In fact, a fair number of folks that you might see driving the flashy cars could be struggling immensely to make the monthly payments necessary to keep the cars in the first place.

5. Their skincare game is on point.

An older woman applying lotion to her face.

Okay, this isn’t always necessarily the case, but oftentimes if you find someone who has unrealizable levels of wealth, they just might not worry too much about investing whatever it costs to keep themselves looking extremely healthy. Why not right?

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