Things That Used To Be Cheap And Now Cost A Pretty Penny

The cost of living just isn’t what it used to be. You might somehow think that in this day and age, you can swing by your nearest fast food chain to grab a nice greasy meal for an agreeable price, only to realize that said meal’s total cost is creeping right up on what you’d be able to get at a series of restaurants that won’t leave you battling a potentially nefarious case of malaise the next day. And don’t even get us started on cereal.

Who could’ve known that wolfing down a bowl of cereal would evolve to become its kind of luxury? And that’s just for sugary cereal that’ll leave you battling an energy crash early into your workday when you try to make enough money to afford the next overpriced box of sugary cereal.

1. Fast Food

Close-up image of a fast food burger in its box next to french fries.

This is a tad bit conflicting. On the one hand, fast food should be left alone by the ills of inflation and not be as expensive as it is. Some of us really need that big container of fries with an affordable quick-cooked cheeseburger at the end of a long day to keep us going. On the other hand, with fast food pricing across the board being as testy as it is, maybe it’ll inspire some folks to get more creative when it comes to eating cheap foods that are a bit healthier. A desperate attempt to find the silver lining? Perhaps.

2. Cereal

A close-up image of a bowl of sugary cereal.

Yes, as mentioned a bit earlier, the pricing for cereal has completely spiraled out of control. The best, the true best moment of your day, is when you find a box of cereal that’s been marked off as being “on sale”, only to realize that said box has like 3 bowls of cereal to offer you. What a steal.

3. Wings

A close-up image of wings next to french fries.

Apparently nothing is sacred anymore. Remember, if you were around for the golden days of old that is, when you might be able to grab a steaming bucket of tasty wings at your local pub for like 5 cents a wing? Yeah, good luck with finding anywhere that’s promoting such a deal nowadays. If they are, tread those saucy waters carefully. The “wings” might not even be wings.

4. Chips

A bag of chips that's been opened with chips spilled out of it.

Oh boy, those bags of chips are more than ready to run you the cost of a pretty penny. Yes, indeed. What’s more is that the bags of chips that might cost something uncomfortably close to $10, can end up being half full far too often.

5. Clothing

An image of someone shopping around for various shirts.

Sure, you’ll be able to find some deals every now and again, but in general, the cost of most any clothing item that you can think of has soared clean through the roof. Something like an athletic pair of shorts really shouldn’t be running someone $50, but here we are. And don’t even think about thrifting if you think that could be the cheaper route. It’s oftentimes far more detrimental to the bank account to try to thrift, than it would be to visit your local chain clothing store.

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