20 Infuriating Pics of Facepalm Moments We Saw This Week

We’ve all had a proper facepalm moment. Not every facepalm moment has the same impact though. Some facepalms are generated by people who are impossibly frustrating to deal with. Sometimes, we just need to slow down and pay our respects to the unforgettable facepalm moments.

1. “They should’ve trusted him.”

A tweet by user @tieshatwo explains a story: A man asked not to have a birthday party due to anxiety. His job threw him one anyway, leading to a panic attack. He was fired for his "behavior," sued, and was awarded $450,000.
u/memory_lane80/via reddit.com

“Wow. The company’s lawyer really tried to shovel it.” – u/ShawnyMcKnight

“I wish offices wouldn’t throw parties. Period. How am I supposed to disassociate with all of that racket?” – u/CompetitiveFold5749

2. “Yeah, about that.”

A text reads: "How do I tell my husband that he is no longer good enough for me? I got fit. I got promoted. There are dozens of men at my work that are better looking, drive better cars, stay in larger homes, that have manifested interest in me. I decided I deserve more and better.
u/melodic_abalone_2820/via reddit.com

“Manifested interest?” – u/deleted

“You deserve more and better? So does he.” – u/Karegian

3. “Some customers are just the best.”

A social media post with a negative review about a restaurant, stating the caller was put on hold and never called back. The restaurant owner responds, explaining that the server had a seizure, and they were tending to a medical emergency when the customer arrived.
u/sorrowmemes/via twitter

Anyone who takes it upon themselves to march into a restaurant’s reviews section, and proceed to try to wrongfully diminish their reputation really grinds our gears. It honestly sounds like this restaurant did everything that they could in spite of a terrible situation arising.

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4. “Bro doesn’t even know that he doesn’t know.”

A tweet from Nick Huber (@sweatystartup) explains an exponential planting strategy. It starts with buying 10 tomato plants for $50. In 6 months, these yield 250 tomatoes. Replanting yields 6,250 tomatoes in another 6 months. Eventually, it scales to 3.9 million tomatoes sold at $1 each.
u/joeyzasaa/via reddit.com

“They should just sell one tomato for $3.9 million and save all that trouble.” – u/muddlebrained

“Tech bro discovers farming.” – u/TaskFlaky9214

5. “Because they’re supposed to move on.”

A tweet asks, "Why do men stop talking to a lady after she says NO to a dating proposal?" with a small profile picture of the user who posted it.
u/springheeledjack69/via reddit.com

“They don’t want to be friends.” – u/deleted

“Because he’s busy talking to someone who said yes.” – u/guywithshade85

6. “Even I don’t know what he did wrong.”

A social media post with blurred out user details. The post describes a date that went well until both parties called cabs to leave around midnight. The author's date's cab arrived first, and they told him to leave. They never texted him after that, leaving him unaware of the reason.
u/_Blaze999/via reddit.com

“He also never texted you.” – u/Scary_Stuff_3497

“He dodged a nightmare.” – u/samhain2000

7. “American wondering if they should bring euros on their trip to Italy.”

A Reddit post in r/askitaly asking for advice on how much money in euros to bring for a two-week trip to Italy for small purchases like tips and snacks. The user mentions visiting Rome, Venice, Amalfi Coast, and Sicily.
u/soldier_via reddit.com

“Other than huge department stores, if a store in Europe accepts American currency then you know you’re going to be ripped off.” – u/Warm_Enthusiasm2007

“Someone recommended that we bring euros. Wow, they really are gurus. I’d never think of that” – u/Lumpy_Dentist

8. “With the remaining 80 minutes. She can learn math.”

A tweet from the user "zuzu" with the handle "@zuhearttaylor" says: "doctor: you have 249 minutes to live. me:". Below the tweet is an image of Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" with a running time of 2 hours and 49 minutes. Taylor Swift is performing on stage, wearing a sparkly outfit.
u/hi_im_on_tv/via reddit.com

“Wait your hours aren’t 100 minutes long. My job’s been messing with me.” – u/l_losegain

“She used the 80 mins for social media posts.” – u/Hereiam_AL

9. “Makes me feel a little better.”

A tweet with a profile picture of a person with pink hair. The tweet reads: "if you ever feel dumb, just know that when my friend was 14 she went to a psychiatrist bc she 'had a voice in her head'. it was her brain. like literally just her thoughts. she thought that she was the only person who had the ability to think. for 14 years.
u/101rice/via reddit.com

“I read recently somewhere that some people don’t have an inner dialogue and I was floored.” – u/skye7734

“I don’t speak in my head unless I’m writing, typing, or reading.” – u/Dust-by-Monday

10. “Do you know who I am?”

A tweet by @okaishawty reads: "I worked at forever 21 as a cashier and I guess the customer I rang up was an ig baddie because a few people recognized her but I didn’t and when I checked her out she was like “this line is so long do you know who I am” and I said “no sorry” and then her card declined for $1.35".
u/mulix90/via reddit.com

“What can you buy at Forever 21 for $1.35?” – u/happycakeday

“The shopping bag.” – u/Otherwise_Notice6421

11. “Oh, dear.”

A social media post by "sinisterpixel" comments on an article about WhatsApp increasing group chat size limits to 256 people. The comment reads: "If you think 256 is an 'oddly specific' number, you *probably* shouldn't be writing tech articles." The article headline reads: "WhatsApp increases group chat size limit to 256 people.
u/juliancito135/via reddit.com

“Well 256 isn’t an oddly specific number. It’s more like an evenly specific number.” – u/Lord_Skyblocker

“At this rate, we’re going to get so far removed from our tech roots that all this is going to be magic in the next generation.” – u/Professional_Echo907

12. “Why would you want it that high?”

A lifted truck at an intersection has accidentally partially driven over the back of a small black Porsche sports car in front of it. There are other vehicles stopped at the intersection, and the scene is surrounded by greenery and some power lines. The caption reads, "Truck lifted too high to see the Porsche in front of him.
u/kolkhara/via reddit.com

“Insurance. You hit a what?” – u/Notyoursaviour2

“People who drive these have deep, deep issues.” – u/Sidus_Prelcar

13. “Ah, that’s heavy.”

A smartphone screen showing a chat conversation. One person asks about a football match. The other replies they scored 2 goals. The first person praises them and asks for the final score, which is 1-1.
u/sorrowmemes/via twitter.com

It would seem that they at least hit that point of acceptance over the goal misfiring. It can happen to the best of us.

14. “The nightmare landlord struggle can be too real.”

A screenshot of a text conversation. The tenant sends a photo of a bathroom with multiple rats on the floor, saying, "There's a family of rats living in my bathroom!" The landlord replies, "No pet allowed in building. Also rent is due.
u/sorrowmemes/via twitter.com

Yeah, the best course of action here might just be to look for a new spot. First, because of the new roommates. Second, the landlord doesn’t seem especially attentive.

15. “Seems legit.”

A screenshot of a phone showing a text message from the number 8989 787 0098, claiming to be from the UK government, asking for £1500 in iTunes gift cards or threatening consequences. The message appears dubious, likely indicating a scam. The time displayed is 2:03 on Monday, August 2.
u/extra-contribution41/via reddit.com

“Under the rest, man. And I’ve been saying it wrong all of these years.” – u/_lozer19

“I hate being under the rest. You’d best pay them.” – u/ChucklingChuckNorris

16. “So that’s how being rich works.”

A screenshot of a humorous conversation on social media. User nada_klew comments, "Dubai is where sad rich people go. Happy rich people go to places like Hawaii and surf." User coolplayer97 asks, "Where do sad poor people go?" and huqarsus responds, "To work.
u/lovelyyour/via reddit.com

“This made me chuckle. At work.” – u/Dragonman1976

“Hard disagree. Sad, poor, and unemployed.” – u/shiviam

17. “Oh wow, you really got them with that one.”

u/sorrowmemes/via twitter.com

Isn’t it just the thought that counts? Then again, this is the internet we’re dealing with, and someone is always going to be more than ready to rev up the roast machine.

18. “Yeah, simply unimaginable.”

Tweet by Leonard Washington with profile picture, responding to a statement about not understanding how people can stay in one place and not explore the world. Leonard's reply is simple: "Poverty.
u/sorrowmemes/via Twitter

To think that some people skip out on the luxuries of taking themselves abroad. It’s just like how? How? But no, really the real question is how someone could wonder why people might not travel.

19. “They really had a moment there.”

A screenshot of a text conversation. The first message says, "I am here for you". The response is, "Thanks :) I'm going through a tough time so it means a lot. And sorry, I lost all my contacts, who is this?". The reply says, "This is your Uber driver. I am here to pick you up". The final message is, "Oh".

Man, this one is tough. Obviously, the Uber driver is in a tight spot, but you’ve also got to feel for anyone who is that down on their luck. Hopefully things picked up for the better for them.

20. “I can’t imagine why he’d move on.”

A tweet where a user discusses telling a guy after two months of talking that they weren't ready for a relationship. The guy responded kindly, wished them well, and then blocked them, leaving the user feeling devastated. The tweet ends with a crying emoji.
u/hacidono/via reddit.com

“Everyone’s over the silly, waste of (valuable) time games. Say what you mean, mean what you say, or suffer the consequences. Easy concept.” – u/Bobdole3737

“Unless it means maybe, and you need to be a mind reader for that.” – u/battleoffish

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