25 People That Are Having A Far Worse Day Than You

Some days can really take on a tone where it feels like all of the forces in the universe itself are working against you. It’s as if you rose and woke up in a world that had your number from the start. One struggle after another, and your willpower to resist just returning to your cave, and restarting tomorrow can hit dangerously low levels. Sometimes though, we can muster up newfound levels of inspiration by reminding ourselves that we’re not alone in the struggle. That’s certainly what these moments from people having far worse days than you can accomplish.

1. “I see your 100,000 dollar mistake and raise you 16,000,000.”

That’s a tough fail to fight back from. Not all fails are created equal.

2. “My supervisors told me this office would be ready for me to see clients by tomorrow.”

Not so sure that the clients are going to be particularly thrilled about the state of things in that office space. Just a gut feeling.

3. “Not sure he’s read that right.”

Yeah, you might want to run that whole thought process back to the big brains factory.

4. “My Macbook flew out the window.”

Man, the Genius bar really has their work cut out for them with the reparation process on this one.

5. “One week before vacation. Who needs extra spending money anyways.”

Oh man, you might have to delay that vacation after all. Sometimes, it feels like life itself is trying to spar with you.

6. “Was stopped at a stop light.”

Thankfully, it appears that they’re okay, based on the fact that they shared the image. That being said, whoever was responsible for the damage needs to smarten up as soon as possible.

7. “Key broke while trying to open the gas tank.”

That poor key never stood a fighting chance. The poor gas tank won’t be addressed for a while.

8. “My car broke down this morning on my way to work and had to be towed. Not 5 minutes after I got home, my ceiling collapsed.”

And some people say that bad events come in threes. We can only hope that that didn’t prove true for this poor soul.

9. “Nobody told me there was no floor support in an attic.”

You’d think that they would’ve had the decency to alert them to that fact, yet here we are.

10. “Dog decided to bust through my bedroom door like the Kool-Aid man while I was at work.”

Somebody sign that fearless champion. Probably ready for the next NFL season.

11. “My neighbor’s pipe broke and I am about to be flooded.”

Uh-oh, it looks like it might be time for a spontaneous relocation. Better safe than sorry.

12. “GF notified me today that I have been drinking mold for 6 months.”

The real question here is how are they feeling after a steady diet of mold over 6 months? That’s terrifyingly impressive.

13. “I’m a terrible baker but I wanted to surprise my wife with a fresh loaf of bread. Everything was looking great until I cut into it.”

Hey, making homemade bread isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of other meaningful hobbies out there.

14. “Was out desert riding and went to check the time just to find this.”

Oh, that’s going to be a tough ride home, indeed.

15. “After ripping out my front door, I learn there are different sizes for doors.”

Yes, as it turns out that is how doors work. Learn a new thing every day.

16. “If you lost your cooler on I-95 in Florida, I found it, at 65mph.”

Well, this is Florida that we’re talking about.

17. “I broke both my feet last night.”

It’s one thing if you break just the one foot. But both? Ouch.

18. “The future is here. And it is stupid.”

Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t be as afraid of the future as we have been.

19. “They scheduled a retirement dinner for 1:00 today. Almost everyone in the warehouse leaves at 11:30 on Fridays.”

An image of a large table set up for a retirement dinner.

Oh, that’s going to be a tough situation to navigate indeed. That’s a whole lot of seats that we’re dealing with.

20. “Installed a lovely sunlight in my new bathroom, without realizing it would perfectly frame that horrid tower.”

That tower looks like the epitome of “ominous.” I’m not here for it. Not at all.

21. “Can’t get to work.”

Some commutes to work are tougher than others. Might want to take a sick day.

22. “Just because it fits doesn’t mean that you put it in the locker.”

Yeah, that’s going to be a whole debacle trying to get that box out of the locker.

23. “I guess I’ll move out and just let him live here.”

Well, that would definitely be the least smelly route to take.

24. “Just sat down for a 6 hour red eye flight.”

That is going to be a very, very long 6 hour flight. Literally, one of the most irritating realizations to have.

25. “Asked for a fade and got this.”

Now you just know that that was not the fade that they were looking for. At least it’ll grow back in due time.

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